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'Twas a Spider {Semi-Literary} by A Loaf of Breab

'Twas a Spider {Semi-Literary}

A Loaf of Breab

18 June 2019 at 01:28:57 MDT

The flame brightened and heightened,
turning from blue and yellow, orange to red.
"'Twas a spider" the arsonist Kukui said.
Through the smoke and embers he trekked.

The grief of destruction gradually rose.
He instead, kept running ahead.
Running where the wolves wouldn't find him.
"Soon, perhaps, they will forget."

The thought of townsfolk filled him with fear.
Them pulling the poor Kukui back.
Only to see bars, and locks of steel.
But he knew, they'd find out and attack...

Heyyyy, I'll definitely have to finish this short story for another time. And at first I thoughtt this'd just be an innocent dragon with a little mishap and a concerned look, but WOW did it get to a venting point on my part ó~ò°

Well, anyway, this character [Currently Unnamed] belongs to me, while the species of Kukui belongs to Yoki, on Weasyl. This was created on my 3DS notes and, honestly, came out better than it tended to. Expect to see more DS art from now on! >:3

This was also my first, decent literature piece that I'm proud of and will continue soon. I've been feeling really down lately, relationship wise, and did the poem as a bit of a vent and had been drawing vent arts on my DS for awhile now, but never wanted to show it because I would'nt want to hurt anyone else. My close friend, Stoney/Stobirb on FurryAmino is a beautiful writer and takes pride in his stories, from short stories like Purity to his novel kick-offs like Blue and Grey. Heck not even my literary skills can compare to his... Go give the birb some love! UwU

If ya made it to the end of my speech, congratulations and cya, later! •^-^•

Oh, ye. And, uh... This character belongs to me and me only, but the species is rightfully owned by Yoki, so no stealing from either artist! Thanks!

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    AH! No! It's so low qualityyyy T^T I apologize, viewers.

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    Nah it's not low-quality dear, in fact, I like it a lot.

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    Really like it.
    The quality is perfectly fine no worries.

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    Oh no, this is so embarrassing to look back upon, aaah-