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Telbastas of Matagot (WIP) by Allikitti

Telbastas of Matagot (WIP)


3 September 2021 at 11:26:18 MDT

I don't usually post sketches and WIPs here, but I was pretty excited about this one and wanted to share!

I'm working on some icons for the Telbastas (equivalent to DnD races or classes) in my tabletop RPG, Matagot. They'll all have a full descriptive blurb explaining their strengths, lore, and unique spells with each of their finished pictures.

Telbastas are not breeds, nor are they chosen life paths. They are unaffected by a cat's appearance or genetics. Instead, a cat's Telbasta is an innate, magical identity which persists throughout their nine reincarnations. It grants them a unique heritage and spell list.

Here's a quick overview of the six playable ones:

The Miut: Learned and dutiful leaders from ancient Egypt.

The Muezza: Empathetic and wise guardians from Near East antiquity.

The Skogkatt: Adventurous and brave warriors from viking ships.

The Bakeneko: Impish and elusive shapeshifters from Japan's Edo period.

The Pangur: Mysterious and crafty pagan figures from Celtic forests.

The Felix: Curious and lucky newcomers from contemporary life.