Thief and Mage (2/4) by BuckDaSystem by AlkaliRoo

Thief and Mage (2/4) by BuckDaSystem


11 July 2019 at 22:24:31 MDT

(Something a little different this time! Writing a story to go along with a few pictures that BuckDaSystem is making. <3 I really like his gnollish thief character, Snake. Art by buckdasystem! )

Al froze, and picked his spellbook up off the table. He held it close to his chest before asking, “Where did you hear that?”

“Around. I keep my ears close to the ground. Easier to hear about treasures and when danger is coming so I can skip town,” Snake answered with a shrug. “But is it true?”

The mage gulped, looking around nervously. He nodded silently and pulled his book up slightly over his face to hide any blush. He wasn’t secretive about his enjoyment of enormous gnolls, nor was he secretive with his attraction to Snake. But hearing it come out of Snake’s mouth like that pushed a button or two, and in public no less. This magic could be dangerous in the wrong hands. And a pub wasn’t the best place to use it. Then again, the way his partner looked at him, showing interest in this dangerous magic…

The spellbook fluttered open with a flip of Al’s hands. He landed on a familiar spell: Mighty Strength. And with a wave of his hand in the air, the book flared a bright green.

Snake watched the green light, flickering in his vision. He hadn’t seen many gnolls that could handle magic before; most just didn’t have the aptitude. Al must’ve been some special exception- his thoughts were cut off when he felt the cloak tighten across his shoulders. Pounds of muscle filled his rail-thin frame, turning the gaunt gnoll into a reasonably well built male. Snake’s eyes widened before he flexed an arm as a test. Huh. He had biceps now. Actually visible biceps. And it felt great.

Both their tails wagged back and forth, but for drastically different reasons. The mage liked how Snake looked as he slowly bulked up, muscle building in his arms, shoulders, stretching the cloak in his neck. The thief liked how it felt. He’d worried it would feel painful, or unpleasant. But instead he felt wired with energy and stronger than he could’ve imagined. Snake grinned, practically giving Al bedroom eyes. He pointed a finger up into the air.

“…well? Keep going.”

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