Thief and Mage (3/4) by BuckDaSystem by AlkaliRoo

Thief and Mage (3/4) by BuckDaSystem


16 July 2019 at 21:19:54 MDT

(Something a little different this time! Writing a story to go along with a few pictures that BuckDaSystem is making. <3 I really like his gnollish thief character, Snake. Art by buckdasystem! )

“…well? Keep going.”

Alkali wagged with renewed vigor. “I-It’s meant as a buff, something to support the party for battles. But I can focus it all on a single target too, and it works anytime.”

“As your only other party member, I think I speak for both of us when I say it’d be absolutely irresponsible to NOT use that spell on me. Over and over. For the sake of party strength.”

The mage squeaked and the green spellwork flared again from inside the pages of his tome. That settled it; Alkali was completely hooked, and he was going to give Snake whatever he wanted. He’d enable this gnoll’s greed for days.

No one in the tavern paid attention when the chair under Snake creaked like a tree splitting in half. So the green glow persisted, surrounding Snake like a shawl that replaced his ripping cloak. It wasn’t unusual for gnolls to go without clothes on their chest though. It didn’t seem anyone was too concerned by the topless gnoll as his neck thickened and chest pulsed wider, filling out with muscle he’d never been able to attain throughout his malnourished life. Snake flexed muscles he didn’t even know existed, grinning when the chair beneath him finally crashed to the ground. Strength filled Snake to the brim and spilled out across his body with sparks of green energy through his fur. As he crested twice Alkali’s height and found himself built like the strongest of his clan’s hunters, a deep-seeded greed reared its head in Snake’s psyche. He wasn’t satisfied yet. Not by a long shot. It would take a lot to fill his need for more than this.

No one in the tavern paid attention until Snake’s stomach growled. Then, the waiters were suddenly very interested.

That was when the soul sucking hunger started kicking in, and Snake started to put his newfound power to work. He licked his lips and kicked his legs up onto the table next to him, knocking it to the ground and splintering the wood beneath his feet. A single waiter found his feet dangling off the ground, lifted by his shirt by a single hand large enough to cover his chest.

A devious, smirking face with piercing green eyes loomed over the unlucky human. “I’ve got an order to put in for the kitchen: everything in your pantry.”

The pub owner, the cook, the wait staff, soon everyone was bussing food between the kitchen and Snake’s table as fast as their legs would allow. And the size of the plates had to keep increasing, big enough to handle chicken, pies, a whole ham, an entire turkey large enough to act as supper for 10.

Snake put an arm around Alkali’s shoulder, pulling him tight into his chest. He realized with a smirk that mage was practically cradled there. “Y’know, think that you and I are going to get along great. Don’t let up on that spellbook. I’m feeling hungry and you’re gonna give me all the power I want,” he said, with a turkey leg’s bone peeking from his lips as if it were a toothpick. And as Snake expanded again it started to resemble one for size too. The wooden floor creaked under two tons of beefy gnoll thief ominously but that didn’t register with Alkali. He was more interested in the feeling of Snake’s arm, muscle pushing against him and weight increasing across his shoulders with every repeated cast of the spell. Al’s face turned a dangerous shade of red.

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