Large Walks On The Beach [1 Hr Commission for Light Lucario] by AlkaliRoo

Large Walks On The Beach [1 Hr Commission for Light Lucario]

1 Hour Commission – Light Lucario

Light’s blue colored, double-tails bounced in time with each step the Floatzel made. It was a beautiful, sunny, summer day in the beachside city. Wingulls cawed overhead and the breeze brought the scent of saltwater to Light’s nose. A perfect day to go swimming and sun bathing. After the long winter and spring, the Floatzel looked forward to the first swim of the year. Just imagining the cool water and warm sun put a spring in his step.

He was so looking forward to it in fact, that he didn’t pay attention to the small glass vial on the sidewalk. It rolled out of the front door of a building labeled ‘GroLabs’ and right into the path of the water-type Pokémon. There was a tiny shattering noise and the green liquid coated the underside of Light’s foot. But the Floatzel didn’t notice; it was a tiny vial and hadn’t hurt him.

What he did notice was the swim trunks digging into his sides and front. He adjusted the strings of his waistband, providing some temporary relief. Maybe he needed a new pair of board shorts soon. Light dismissed it just as quickly as he’d noticed and continued skipping forward. The bouncing up and down soon had another addition: the swaying of his belly. It was slight at first, an extra swing to his step. But as the strange liquid continued to affect him the wobbling of his gut became more and more noticeable.

Light stopped skipping and stuck to walking instead. He hadn’t expected the movement to tire him out this much. He stopped to lean against a street lamp and catch his breath… and was surprised to feel the metal pole creak slightly. His tails stopped wagging. Something wasn’t right here. He looked down and his eyes widened.

“Ack! What’s going on?” he cried. The Floatzel pressed a hand into his tum experimentally, as if to prove to himself that the beach ball sized addition to his front was real. His fingers sunk into the mass, with soft blue fur rubbing against the palm of his hand. It was real, and it was his. And with that realization came yet another; he still wasn’t done expanding. The heavy weight continued to pack onto his frame with each passing second.

Light looked up and down the sidewalk to see if anyone noticed. No one was screaming or running away, so that was good. But the people he did see looked strangely small. He had to look down to notice any of them; they probably wouldn’t reach any higher than his bellybutton now. He was getting taller too!

“I have to get to the beach,” he muttered. “Maybe if I’m there I can hide in a locker room or a changing tent. Won’t be noticed that way-”


The board shorts fluttered to the ground, revealing Light’s extra wide posterior to anyone who’d stopped to look. The Floatzel’s face went bright red. If anyone wasn’t paying attention before, now they definitely were. He heard whispering and gasping. Time to get to the beach, pronto.

The 10 foot tall Floatzel pushed off the lamppost and walked forward, hardly noticing that using his weight that way bent the pole as if it were the Tower of Pisa. His steps shook the ground, and more dangerously shook the cars and busses in the street. Car alarms went off as he approached, ruining any hopes he harbored about a sneaky retreat to the beach.

Light didn’t understand how he was still able to move; as he climbed taller and taller, he knew that his weight was expanding exponentially. He leaned against a building again and gasped when his hand shattered the glass, tilting an entire skyscraper with the weight of his movement.

Reflexively he stepped backward. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that,” he said. The 20 foot tall Floatzel reached over to fix his mistake… and learned he could lift the skyscraper up easily, setting it back on the correct axis.

“Huh. I guess I’m getting stronger too,” he mumbled, checking his bicep experimentally. That would explain why he wasn’t sporting a heavy chest to go with the gut and hips. He ran a hand up and down his side, feeling as it went from plush and heavy at his rump and belly to hardened muscle at his shoulders and arms. He wasn’t able to see his legs past his gut anymore, but with a simple flex of his thighs he could feel the muscle clenching. That explained how he could keep walking so easily; he’d become a musclegut Floatzel!

Now he couldn’t tell if the blushing was due to embarrassment, or due the change in stature…

A deep gurgling started in his gut. Light looked down at his belly, puzzled. The gurgling vibrations started to push outward toward his limbs until his whole body vibrated lightly. Light had a sinking feeling that the growth was about to get much worse, and redoubled his efforts to get to the beach. Only a few more blocks to go!

As his growth sped up Light realized there was going to be a problem soon: the street was running out of room. His eyes were level with the eighth floor of the nearby skyscrapers and… well frankly, he wouldn’t make it much further at this rate. His hips rubbed against buildings on either side, and turning sideways to shuffle wouldn’t help much when his butt and belly were easily large enough to accomplish the same feat.

It all climaxed when he was a single block from the freedom of the beach. By now he was just as tall or taller than most buildings in the city; 100 feet of Floatzel struggled to get to the ocean. His final hurtle was getting free of the buildings he’d wedged himself between. He squirmed and pushed, but no matter what he did there was no escape. So the Floatzel took a deep breath in to suck in his extra weight… put a hand on either of the skyscrapers… and pushed forward as hard as he could.


With a comical noise the Floatzel was free. But not without some collateral damage; the road behind him marked his path with increasingly large pawprints in the pavement, and the glass of many skyscrapers was either cracked or shattered outright. Whether that came from his heavy steps or from the swishing of his tails was anyone’s guess. The last two buildings fared the worst of all though; a large gash pulled free from the structures in a perfect outline of the Floatzel’s hips. Light put both hands on his hips and took a deep breath. He’d barely made it out of that one. Sure, he was built like a powerlifter. Sure, he’d grown just as wide as he was tall. Sure, he could compare his belly to a mountain for size. But at least he escaped!

Light breathed a sigh of relief. Now it was a straight shot to the ocean. He wouldn’t be able to hide anymore, but at least he could cool off in the water! The Floatzel squeaked happily and rushed forward, shaking the entire city in his wake with thudding footsteps. But when he reached his prize, and the free space that accompanied it, he stepped in the water and realized it was too shallow. Way too shallow. Even walking out further into the ocean didn’t help much; his ankles were wet, but the rest of his body was far too tall.

Exhausted, Light walked to shore, flumped into the sand, and lay flat. His body took up the entire length of the beach, a wall of soft blue fur that smothered boats and volleyball nets. No one was caught beneath him thankfully but that wasn’t much comfort. He was being watched by every beachgoer along the boardwalk and out in the ocean. He needed to say something to prove he was just here to enjoy the beach like everyone else.

“Uhh. Sorry down there everyone! Didn’t mean to take up so much space. Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna sunbathe,” he said in a voice much deeper than usual. The rumbling of his words filled the air, but seemed to convince the little Pokémon below there was nothing to fear. In time, Wingulls perched on his gut and floaty. Soon after, other sun bathers made the climb all the way to the top of the Floatzel to use him as a resting spot. His pudge was much more comfortable than the sand below anyway, and there weren’t many available spots otherwise.

Light sighed and closed his eyes, spreading out his arms and legs to let the sun cover as much of his fur as possible. This wasn’t really the original plan. But who was he to complain? It was still a nice day; he could worry about his giant problem after a day of relaxing at the beach.

Large Walks On The Beach [1 Hr Commission for Light Lucario]


1 July 2018 at 16:52:15 MDT

This Story Includes:
Musclegut Growth
Macro Growth
Beach Trip
City Sized Shenanigans

Another commission, but this one for Light Lucario! 1 hour in stream, and just in time for summer. Let this story be a lesson: always watch your feet for small things that could result in big problems.

You can find Light Lucario on FA or on Twitter!

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