Thanksgiving Chibi Story by AlkaliRoo

Thanksgiving Chibi Story

Thanksgiving Chibi Story

“Thanks for inviting me over for Thanksgiving, Al. It was going to be a boring day otherwise,” the Buizel said, stretching his arms upward. The tanktop swished with the movement. Chibi took a moment to readjust it before sitting at Alkali’s kitchen table.

“Don’t mention it,” the roo said, handing over an energy bar. “Here, take this. You’ll need it for today.”

Chibi looked confused but took it regardless. “Why will I need this?”

“You’ll see. Thanksgiving is a marathon. You have to keep your energy up.”

That sounded completely normal and not at all ominous. He shrugged though and bit into the bar. It was fruity and sweet, almost too sweet. The flavor exploded on his tongue and made his mouth feel slightly numb.

“Geez,” Chibi said after he swallowed. “What’s in that thing anyway?”

“Science, mostly. And a whole lot of sugar. Like I said: you’ll see,” the marsupial replied with a devious glint in his eye.

Chibi frowned and looked back at the bar. It did taste pretty good. And even if something weird did happen, things usually turned out okay in the end. So he shrugged and ate the rest of the bar in one bite. The slow wagging in the kangaroo’s tail didn’t escape his notice though; Alkali definitely did something to the energy bar. Now it was a waiting game until-

With a ‘pop’ the Buizel’s hands exploded three times as large. He was nearly knocked over from the sudden shift in mass, windmilling his arms to regain balance on the chair. Chibi’s eyes went wide when he saw the way his hands and forearms bulged with muscle. Whatever was in that energy bar was potent stuff.

He felt the fur on his arms stand on end accompanied with another ‘pop’ sound. This time he flew backward off the chair entirely, landing on the hardwood floor. His arms had expanded to catch up with his hands; that meant he was left with bodybuilder arms on a skinny Buizel body. The shoulder sleeves in his tanktop were filled entirely. He could put a Machamp to shame with arms like this. Pushing himself to stand up revealed just why he felt so weird. The arms were long enough now that he touched the ground if he let them hang at his sides. In fact… with an experimental hop up, he landed with his palms flat on the ground. Yup, his arms were strong enough that he could support his body weight on them alone.

“Al. What the heck did you put in that bar?”

“SCIENCE!” the kangaroo said with a maniacal laugh. “And some muscle enhancers, metabolism suppressors, the usual growth stuff.”

Chibi rolled his eyes and considered giving Alkali a smack to force him to his senses. He wouldn’t get the chance to do it. His expression turned from annoyed to worried when the beef popped into his pectorals and traps, followed shortly by his torso. That pushed his feet back onto solid ground and forced him to wobble back and forth until he found his new center of mass. His head was still undersized, surrounded by orange furred bulk on all sides. Plus, his legs seemed as if they might give out at any second with the amount of PokeBulk they were being forced to keep upright.


He turned to face Alkali. Chibi had to physically turn his body now if he wanted to look around; the amount of pec muscle around his head made looking down or to the sides impossible. When he finally turned enough, he saw Alkali with his phone pulled out taking a picture. A selfie, to be specific. Chibi scowled at the scientist.


Alkali turned to smirk at Chibi. “What? It’s good reference material. For art, obviously. The uneven growth looks good on you but you aren’t done yet.”

Chibi could feel it this time. A slow rumbling in his body that shook him slightly. For a brief moment it looked as if his top-heavy muscles might expand even further. The striped tank top creaked as a cartoonish amount of beef exploded on his arms, shoulders, torso, everywhere but his legs and head… before it finally evened out. The mass repositioned itself on his unevenly grown body parts, leaving Chibi feeling more than a little disoriented. He blinked several times and put a hand to his temple; his now properly sized hand to his properly sized temple.

“Roo… just tell me next time,” he said, sticking his tongue out woozily.

“Where’s the fun in that? Your surprised and worried expressions make it way more worthwhile,” Alkali said cheerily. “Now come on, it’s Thanksgiving! And you have this beefy new body to totally gorge with.”

Chibi accidentally hit his head on the doorway as he walked into the restaurant. Even with all the times he’d been beefed up, fattened up, or grown in a multitude of other ways, he still hadn’t learned to avoid the doorways. That just came with the territory when your size was as variable as his though. Somedays he never needed to think about it, while other days if he didn’t consciously consider it he could end up inadvertently knocking down walls like the Kool-Aid man.

“Okay, why are we at a restaurant for lunch? I thought we were doing Thanksgiving at your house.”

The roo continued to walk forward, pulling Chibi’s hand with him, undeterred by the muscular Pokemon’s question. “I already told you. Weren’t you listening? Thanksgiving is a marathon! You can’t stop at just one meal, in one place. You have to branch out and enjoy yourself all day long.”

Chibi sat at a tiny table, pushed there by the bossy kangaroo. The table wasn’t tiny for most people, but for him it looked a bit childish. There wasn’t much conversation throughout the meal either. Every time a spark of conversation began, Alkali would douse it by pushing another plate of food in Chibi’s direction. The other distraction of course was his newly embiggened body. The shorts and tank top stretched with even the slightest movement. Plus he seemed to be getting a second look from most of the restaurant’s other customers. That was a nice boost to his ego. Just enough to get him to flex experimentally. He grinned when biceps the size of basketballs formed from the simple pose.

What Chibi didn’t notice at the time was the amount of food he’d eaten. Alkali told the servers to keep bringing out food, never mind the amount of money it might cost. It was a good thing he’d done so because every plate put in front of the Buizel lasted only a few minutes before it was gone. The stares from the customers were partly from the beef Chibi packed on, but it was equally about the amount of food he packed away.

The metabolism suppressors in his energy bar worked overtime, turning every bit of food into fat and never letting his appetite go down. The plates piled up on the table. His tank top scooted up and up on a boulder-sized gut. In the span of a single meal the Buizel had gone from hunk to chunky. He still had every bit of muscle he’d gained, but now his abs were definitely gone. The overall effect was something of a beefy, fattened, oversized Pokemon.

Alkali’s tail swished back and forth happily as he merely sipped a water, watching his work with a knowing smile.

“Wow, finished with all that food already? We should be moving on then, it’s almost dinner time.”

“What? Dinner? But we just sat down… didn’t we?” Chibi asked. He was extremely confused; time seemed to pass in a blur for the whole duration of lunch. He could vaguely remember turkey, stuffing, ham… but he couldn’t tell just how much he’d eaten. The plates were stacked in large piled over the table in front of him, aside from a single small plate by Alkali with a half-eaten sandwich.

“Are you going to finish that?” Chibi asked, as his stomach grumbled its displeasure at being unfilled.

The marsupial shook his head no and watched his friend lean forward to grab it. The Buizel stopped when he felt his belly push up against the table. Now he realized what was wrong. He prodded at the table, then at his belly. Yup. That was definitely his gut. It was firm to the touch, but definitely his. His eyes went wide with obvious surprise as he looked at Alkali for an explanation.

The roo smiled. “Go on, you’re still hungry right?”

Chibi frowned. He didn’t want a belly, he wanted his abs back. But when his appetite flared up again and his stomach gurgled, that was the end of the argument. He picked up the sandwich.

The tank top didn’t pull down over his belly anymore. Chibi scowled every time he tried to pull it toward his waist. It sprang back to place every time. The last attempt he made, the fabric ripped over his gut and shoulders slightly. No more of that. He’d just have to put up with showing off the pudgy Buizel tummy at the next restaurant.

“You’re going to like this place Chibi. It’s a buffet which means there’s even more Thanksgiving food,” the roo said as he led Chibi down the sidewalk. The Buizel was nearly 9 feet tall, and so commanded the attention of the entire street. People walked far out of the way to ensure they didn’t bump the pudgy, beefy Pokémon.

“Is a buffet really a good idea after that huge lunch?” Chibi asked. His stomach growled in reply.

Alkali grinned. “Sounds like it. We’ll clean up the buffet then go home.”

A sign in the front of the buffet proclaimed ‘THANKSGIVING SALE!’. Chibi had to duck under the doorway to fit inside, and the action of ducking caused his belly to press into the sides of the door. His face flushed as he squirmed and squeezed into the room. Inside, he was forced to remain hunched over. His head fin pressed into the ceiling and each step forward shook the floor.

The hostess’s eyes bugged out slightly, but she kept her composure and led them to a booth. Alkali didn’t sit down; he went straight to the buffet and began to bring plates over. Chibi tried to complain when 3 full plates were placed in front of him. ‘That’s enough food, no more please’ he wanted to say. But the marsupial was already gone, walking back to the buffet line to get more. And when the scent of delicious turkey and potatoes reached his nose the Buizel’s body went into instinctual action. He chowed down on the contents of entire plates at once.

The seams on Chibi’s pants and shirt stretched and popped one by one. They hung on his body somewhat in scraps. Each plate of food added another few pounds to the Buizel, and expanded his waistline. Now even while sitting down the ceiling pressed into his headfin. Clearly the energy bar was still in full effect. The booth’s table pressed into Chibi’s gut as it spread over the top of the metal, and eventually scooted back to the other side of the booth. His hips widened and softened, rear splitting out of his pants. A boulder of Buizel gut in front complimented the wideload butt in the back; a Snorlax would blush at the gluttony on display.

It didn’t help that Alkali ambitiously kept putting more plates in front of Chibi. The flow of food was nearly constant, and the amount per plate increased with each trip. By the end the roo was bringing the entire trays of food over to Chibi. The roo’s grin covered his face from ear to ear. He was massively pleased with himself and the way Chibi filled out the booth meant for 4 people all on his own.

An Incineroar wearing a chef’s hat walked out of the kitchen and threw his hands up. “No more! We’re fresh out of food.”

Alkali halted in front of the empty buffet with a frown. “Aww, really?” he said crossing his arms. “Alright. Guess we’ll need to go to my house for desert Chibi.”

Chibi groaned and placed a hand on his belly. “Ooohh, Alkali… what happened?” he asked. “Wait why is my belly softer than befo-”

The Buizel stopped in his tracks as he looked down at himself. Pressing his hand all the way into his belly, he watched it sink into the wobbling mass. And by this point the torn up clothes were mostly gone. He was still decent, but only thanks to the stretchy underwear beneath the belly shelf. When Chibi tried to stand up quickly away from the booth table he felt the pull of the table resist: he was pinned in place. Not that he’d have been able to stand up anyway. His head and shoulders pressed heavily against the cracked ceiling.

“OH MY GOD,” Chibi cried. “WHAT HAPPENED?”

Alkali hopped up and prodded at the Buizel Belly. “You enjoyed your Thanksgiving, that’s what happened. The whole buffet is empty.”

“I… mmmph, I can’t reach past my gut… Can you help me get free Al?”

“Well I’ll try,” the roo answered. He pulled back on the table but made no progress. He was mostly impressed that the table somehow remained standing with the hundreds of pounds that had pushed against it, and covered its top and bottom.

“Excuse me,” Alkali said. “Mr. Incineroar, could you help me get my friend free? We’re ready to leave.”

The buff feline looked the bloated patron over and rubbed the back of his head. “Uhh. Listen. I’m strong, but I’m not THAT strong. You’re going to need more help.”

Chibi sighed as his face turned bright red. What a day.

In the end it took an Incineroar, a Machoke, and ten other less strong patrons to pull the Buizel free. He could’ve easily stood above 10 feet, but there was no easy way to tell while he remained hunched over like this. The effort wasn’t just left to getting Chibi free from the booth; he also needed help squeezing through the doorway. And still the walls around the doorway were cracked.

The duo walked toward home, the roo with a spring in his step and the Buizel with a stomp in his. Pavement cracked slightly under his steps, and he stood easily taller than everyone on the street. Some of the one story houses were actually shorter than him, so he could see just barely over their roof. At one point he bumped into something with an ‘oof,’ pausing as his belly wobbled heavily from the impact. A few feet away a Snorlax lay on the ground. Chibi took a moment to put two and two together. The Snorlax had bumped into his gut, and bounced away. He was big enough to bully a Snorlax with his belly.

Chibi hid his face with one hand and waved a bashful hello with the other. He couldn’t let them see the blush on his face.

Alkali tried his best to lead Chibi home, but he was a little too short to reach Chibi’s hand. Plus his friend couldn’t reach past the gut regardless. Instead the roo hopped several feet in front of Chibi like he was leading a parade.

“Still hungry?” Alkali asked conversationally.

“What? Al, look at me! I’ve lost all my muscle! It’s all covered by a layer of fat, and I’m bigger than a house! I… Actually… yes I am still hungry, why am I still hungry.”

“Energy bar,” the roo answered in a sing-song tone. “Still affecting you. Should wear off after desert.”

There was no way for Chibi to fit inside the lab anymore. All he could manage was using the backyard, or a warehouse the roo used for lab storage. So the scientist led the wobbling Buizel to the backyard and let him take a seat. He hopped off to the warehouse to bring back desert.

Chibi wasn’t sure how he felt about the size upgrades Alkali had provided so far. He knew he loved the muscle early on. And the height was a very nice change too. But one of those was currently covered in a layer of pudge that made him seem as if he’d never set foot inside a gym in his life. It felt warm, and heavy, like he was wearing layers of soft shirts all over his front and sat on a waterbed instead of his behind.

In spite of all his indecision on the fattening… he had to admit it felt nice. And there was no denying his hunger.

When the roo came out, he didn’t bring a plate of food. He brought a hose. “Al… what are you doing with that?”

“Bringing you dinner,” he said simply. The marsupial climbed up the wall of Buizel pudge toward Chibi’s face. “There’s a tanker of ice cream inside that warehouse. It’s all for you.”

“Wait, hold on, don’t do that-”

The pudgy Pokémon tried to keep his mouth closed and avoid the hose, but Alkali was far more mobile than Chibi. The roo forced the hose in and carefully tied the Buizel’s mouth shut around it. He guessed that would only really be necessary for the first few gulps. The ice cream was absolutely delicious, and the metabolism suppressant was still actively working. Chibi couldn’t fight his hunger forever.

The Buizel pulled at the hose with his hands in vain. He simply didn’t have the flexibility anymore to pull hard enough. The sound of a machine turning on filled the air, and soon the cool ice cream pressed into his mouth. His cheeks puffed out from the force of the ice cream. It filled his mouth in an instant, and Chibi was forced to swallow. He wanted to keep fighting but it tasted far too good. He was a bit overheated from all the extra fat on his body, so the tasty, sugary sweet desert was heaven.

Each and every calorie that he ate converted into fat right away. The water-type expanded over the backyard as if he were a balloon attached to a water hose. And in a way, he was. The hose was dwindling in his mouth as he grew taller too. The lab and warehouse came closer and closer to the growing wall of Buizel bum. It wobbled and expanded in bursts.

Alkali returned and hopped into the slowly expanding middle of his Buizel buddy. He sank in several feet and cuddled up against the warm fur. This made all the science worth it.

Meanwhile, Chibi was getting tired of being force fed. The stream of ice cream didn’t feel as strong anymore now that he’d gotten even taller and fatter. His hunger drove him to want more of the sweetened desert, and as if flipping a switch the Buizel started to actively suck on the hose. It wasn’t the same as being beefy but darn it the feeling of being this huge was nice. He wanted to eat the rest of that ice cream. All of it. He sucked on the hose like a straw and when he felt it run dry he pulled at the hose. It popped loose from inside the warehouse and Chibi kept eating without thinking. The hose slurped up into his mouth like a long strand of spaghetti and with a gulp was gone. He’d eaten the whole of the desert and even a little further.

Alkali scooted up close to Chibi’s face and grinned deviously. “Hungry for the hose too, huh?”

“What? I… oh no. Did I just, oh no. I ate that hose didn’t I,” Chibi said, biting his lip worriedly.

“You were just soooooo hungry,” the kangaroo teased.

“S-Stop, cut it out,” the Buizel said. He wobbled back and forth, trying to knock Al loose from his seat atop the stretched out neck buoy. The roo was only around the same height as Chibi’s head. Even with the size advantage though Alkali did not fall from his perch. He only leaned down to rub at the Buizel’s fattened arm.

“Don’t worry, you should be done growing now. The energy bar will have worn off.”

Chibi breathed a sigh of relief. Just in time too. He was totally immobilized, unable to take even one step. He could feel the whole of the grass backyard under his bulk, and the roof of the roo’s lab poking into his thigh. He’d grown to rival the warehouse for size. Dozens of feet tall even while sitting, and as wide as a whole plot of land. His double-tail wagged back and slightly, wiggling happily in a way that couldn’t be denied. Now that he wasn’t growing anymore he could enjoy the bulk, and the feeling of being the largest.


With a dangerously quick expansion forward, Chibi doubled in height. The roo’s lab cracked and creaked under the tonnage of orange fur. Alkali furrowed his brows and checked his calculations on a phone. The growth should’ve stopped by now, that much was clear. So why did it look like Chibi was still growing? With another burst of size Alkali was knocked prone and dropped his phone, lost to the folds of Buizel belly.

Chibi felt cars beneath his butt, alarming for a brief second before they were snuffed out. As much as the Buizel looked worried on the surface with his expression, inside he was loving every second. There was no denying that he wanted to be bigger than everyone. He was well on his way to that now as he spilled over both the lab, and the warehouse, and even the cars on the street. The next door houses were similarly flattened under his hips when his butt bloated twice as big. He was nice and comfy atop his plush ass but he did have to admit he was worried about the houses even further than that. At this rate his cheeks might just roll over the entire neighborhood.

With one final push the Buizel watched as his gut pressed into the buildings across the street as well. There was nowhere else for him to grow to. If the energy bar didn’t wear off soon he could even crush other streets. Chibi could feel every house, every car, every street lamp and mailbox beneath his posterior and mountainous gut. There was no mistaking the swishing of his tails as his ass eclipsed most of the neighborhood. He slowed to a stop… and leaned forward to hug as much of his gut as he could. It wasn’t much. A gurgle rose in his throat as he let loose a ground rattling belch.

“Mmmmph. Excuse me, Al.”

As Alkali watched helicopters approach, the roo realized he’d added far too much growth serum into the ingredients of the energy bar. It enhanced the strength of each part, the metabolism suppressant especially. He’d need to be careful how much he added next time. Or… he could just add even more… maybe for Christmas he could try that.

The Buizel and the roo both hugged into the wall of orange and yellow fluff. It was a happy Thanksgiving for all.

Thanksgiving Chibi Story


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