Lots Of Love Plushies [Commission for Firr] by AlkaliRoo

Lots Of Love Plushies [Commission for Firr]

Stream Commission Story: Firr Plush TF

They’d told him that sneaking into a factory after hours was a horrible idea. Not that Firr was the type of skunk to listen to reason. There were much more important reasons for him to absolutely sneak into the Lots Of Love Plushies factory.

Mainly, the stories. Sure they were pretty outlandish rumors. Living plush dolls. Life sized stuffed animals that moved around and talked like real people. Transformations, willing or no, of workers into some of the sold products. It was enough to give most people pause and to cause many an eye roll. But not Firr. He heard those stories and figured that sounded like a pretty good deal. He wasn’t sure whether to believe them frankly, but he did want to check them out, to see for himself if they were true.

And that was why he’d climbed through the warehouse window at midnight. He tried to land on his feet but instead flopped forward into a stack of large boxes, knocking them all to the ground. If it had been anything other than stuffed animals inside those boxes the whole operation might have been scuttled thanks to the noise. Instead, plush kangaroos all spilled forth onto the warehouse floor. That worked to Firr’s benefit as well since they provided a soft landing pad for the skunk. He climbed out of the pile of roos, pushing the soft but still somewhat heavy plushies aside.

Firr huffed and took a look around. The building was filled to the brim with boxes, each one large enough to reach Firr’s chest. Out of sheer curiosity he opened one of the boxes to look inside. Every box he opened had the same thing inside though: enormous, soft, cuddly, kangaroo stuffed animals. They all had happy looking faces, little pouches on the front, and a small tag with a heart on their tail. But it didn’t seem that any of them were moving, much to his dismay.

Even after searching for a half hour the skunk couldn’t find any signs of life among all the plushies. And even more worrying, it didn’t look like there was anything that could cause transformations. No oddly colored potions. No transformation rays. No vats of goo, or dangerous machinery, or even a single DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON sign. From what he could tell this seemed to be a perfectly safe, innocuous warehouse for oversized kangaroo plushies. OSHA would have trouble finding a single thing to complain about.

“What a letdown,” Firr mumbled as he walked back to the front doors. He’d snuck in originally just to keep the heightened sense of adrenaline and excitement, but he didn’t feel much like sneaking out the same way anymore. Too much work for absolutely no pay off. Just when Firr started to relax and let his guard down though, he felt something stick into the bottom of his paw.

“OUCH,” he yelled, stumbling backward and landing in yet another pile of boxes. Once he cleaned off the packing peanuts and removed the boxes Firr looked down at his foot to see what he’d stepped on. A tiny needle stuck out from his paw pad, too small for anyone to notice unless they were specifically looking for it. He plucked it loose and set it atop a nearby table. No need to let anyone else get pricked if he could help it.

Starting to walk out yet again, Firr realized that something felt off about his footfalls. He was used to the sound of his paws landing on the ground and making a light tapping noise. But the closer he got to the doors the lighter the sound was until eventually he realized he was stepping and making no noise at all. Experimentally, he stomped his foot against the ground and heard absolutely nothing. The skunk looked down to his feet and didn’t find his black and white paws anymore. In fact, he didn’t quite find feet at all. Instead he found two extra-long, wide, soft, plush mitts.

He gasped, unable to believe his eyes. What happened? Did he miss something in his search that might be causing this change? Thinking it over for a second, the answer hit him: the needle. It must have been cursed or magical in some way. That could be used to turn people into stuffed animals! Firr grinned before taking a seat, looking over his plush pads. He reached a hand forward to squeeze at his feet, experimentally squishing them in his fingers. Sure enough they were filled with stuffing and gave way to his touch, deforming between his fingers. He traced the seams along the soft felt material, examining the sewn in pawpads at the end of his toeless feet. Firr fought the urge to giggle a just a little.

As he traced those seams backward on his paws, he realized that the transformation was still happening. He could feel the odd sensation of seams being sewn into his legs and the flesh there getting lighter, filling with stuffing. It wasn’t painful though. If anything it just felt warm and cuddly. The black and white color in his legs gave way to a brown tone, all the while changing shape to look more like kangaroo haunches. The fur faded away into his new felt body, now reaching up past his legs and onto his torso. Here he noticed there was much more stuffing pumped into his body. The usually thin skunk bloated outward forming a cartoonish paunch. Whatever magic caused this seemed to be turning him into an exact copy of the other kangaroo stuffed animals. Moments after that, a small pouch opened up in the front of his body. Firr reached down to open it up, looking inside to see a cute pattern of pawprint fabric sewn in place.

As the changes forced their way up over his torso Firr gave in to the urge to hug himself. This rewarded him right away with the softest, most comfy cuddle he’d ever given before. Even as his arms slowly plushified and his tail thickened into something more roo-shaped, Firr didn’t let go of himself. This was exactly what he’d hoped for. To turn into a plush, soft and filled with fluff. He practically couldn’t believe it was happening but those thoughts were getting harder to keep in mind. Now that his transformation nearly reached his head he could feel the thoughts scatter, replaced with plush stuffing. The change completed when his ears shot upward toward marsupial size and his muzzle replaced with a felt nose and tongue. Firr looked himself over from head to tail and grinned as wide as his sewn in mouth would allow. He even noticed the small tag with a heart on it pop into place toward the very back at the end of his tail.

There was just one last thing to do now: get in his box and wait to be bought. That was the whole point of being a stuffed animal after all. To be loved, squeezed, cuddled… and Firr couldn’t wait for even another instant. Whether that was something the skunk actually wanted, or if that was just his new found plush mind kicking in, it didn’t matter. He walked up to one of the recently emptied boxes, the ones he’d knocked over, and climbed inside. It was a bit more difficult now that he didn’t have fingers though. That would take some getting used to. But he managed to work his plush mitt around the cardboard sides and slip into the packing peanuts. Firr scooted himself into the box, readjusted his vest, and waited for morning. Someone might question why all the boxes had been opened and knocked around, but they probably wouldn’t question a plush wearing a green vest.

Lots Of Love Plushies [Commission for Firr]


26 December 2016 at 13:05:45 MST

Lots of rumors surround the Lots Of Love Plushies factory. Things about living stuffed animals. But Firr is going to get to the bottom of these stories, and hopefully come away changed in the process.

This story includes:
Plush TF
Willing TF
Magic needles

Alright, another in stream commission knocked out. Something for Firr, but certainly not the last story he'll be getting from me. Got other stuff in the pipeline for him!
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