Daydreaming by AlkaliRoo


Fatimist Story

Alkali snored lightly in the middle of the night, sleeping soundly and comfortably. The otter was dreaming. He wasn’t the sort of sleeper to dream very often; or if he did, he almost never remembered them come sunrise. And though he wouldn’t remember this dream in the morning, it was clearly something pleasant as he smiled and mumbled to himself.

“Ati... big…” he said while squirming in his sheets. Bomba, annoyed by the sound as he slept next to his boyfriend, kicked Alkali to get him to shut up. And it worked. However, dream continued in the otter’s mind.

Miles away in his own house Atimist was having trouble getting comfortable in bed. He curled up with all the blankets he could muster but his sleep was fitful at best. The covers kept moving around as though they just never quite sat correctly and the bed creaked with each movement. Something felt strange overall but it wasn’t enough to rouse him from sleep. The next day he would realize just what was wrong.

Atimist yawned and walked into the bathroom, flicking the light switch on to clean up for the day. He scratched idly at his side and blinked away the sleepiness as he looked at himself in the mirror. The orange fur across his vulpine body was matted all over, and his ear tufts were parted in a cow lick. Definitely would require a shower to fix this. He stretched his arms up and noticed something strange.

His hands didn’t make it very far above his head at all before running right into the ceiling. That woke Ati up right away, shaking his hands in pain. His ears flicked in confusion and they too brushed barely against the roof tiles. The ceiling? How was that possible? The fox looked down at his body and gasped. He’d become massive! And fat to boot. His boxer briefs were nowhere to be found, probably lost when he’d gotten bigger. Not that he could see past the belly shelf in front. It hung just past his knees, jiggling with the tiniest of movements. He rubbed it cautiously with one hand as if it would disappear at the slightest touch. It didn’t though. Instead it felt… really good. Ati rubbed with both hands now, distracted for the moment with exploring his body. He hefted his gut with both palms and squished it between his fingers.

The fox grinned nice and wide. This wasn’t a bad change at all. He still didn’t know why it happened, or how, but that didn’t seem quite as important. Fully awake now the fox looked himself in the mirror again. He hadn’t realized it before but his head was just barely out of frame at the top. The fattened up fox turned around to check out his rump, looking over his shoulder to see the foxy tail swishing above a curved and hefty behind. Putting both hands on his hips and rocking from left to right he watched all the weight wobble. After a few seconds he figured out just how to get it to sway, placing a hand on one cheek to rub into the orange fur. He smirked; dang, this was really hot.

Something else was showing in the mirror too though. The door frame. Or what was left of it at least. It was bowed out around the sides and had a large chunk of wood and plaster missing from the top. He stopped with the teasing to stare at it. The shape around the frame was vaguely fox shaped and sized just perfectly to fit the 10 foot vulpine. In his still sleeping state he must’ve just walked right through the door.

He blushed and looked down at himself. Okay. No more messing around. He needed to figure out what was going on and that required some clothes. He couldn’t spend all day looking… and playing… with himself. With a blush he placed both hands placed on either side of his moobs, and squished them together. Mmmph. Yup. Clothes. This would be way too distracting otherwise.

That was easier said than done though. There were clothes for his normal height, and plenty of clothes for when he was shrunk smaller too. But shrinking was way more common than getting taller. And getting taller along with gaining weight? Nothing in his wardrobe fit. He even tried to pull on a hoodie just to see if it was possible; the red fabric barely covered his upper chest, the UGA logo stretched out absurdly, and the arms popped apart at the seams straight up to his shoulders.

“Okay. I need to get some clothes. Maybe Alkali is awake,” Ati thought aloud. It took some effort to dial the otter’s number with his thick fingers but he somehow managed.

Back at the otter’s house Alkali was still resting, sleeping in on a weekend off. The ringing almost didn’t wake him up actually. He’d been having such a nice dream. Only bits and pieces came back to him as he returned to consciousness. Something about orange fur, squishing hugs, and Atimist. Groaning at being woken up this early Alkali reached over to grab the phone.

“Hello…” he mumbled into the receiver.

He heard Atimist’s voice on the other end. “AlkalI. You’ll never guess what happened. Well, actually, it’d be easier if you just saw it. But I need a favor.”

“What’s the problem Ati?” Alkali asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“I don’t have any clothes that fit me, that’s the problem.”

Still drowsy, but a little more interested now, Alkali chuckled. “What? That’s not a problem. That’s a good start.”

“A-Alkali!” Ati whined. He could practically hear the fox blush. “I’m serious. Something happened and I woke up… big. Way bigger than usual.”

Alkali paused and his tail started to swish. “Bigger? Like how much bigger are we talking here?”

“Big enough that my ears are on the ceiling, and fat enough for none of my clothes to fit. Just, come on, I need you to help me out here.”

Alkali was still slightly in dream land. So when he heard Atimist describe his size it was far too easy to visualize it. It was even easier to visualize the fox just a little larger than that. Growing slowly, fatter, taller, forced to bend over to avoid breaking through the ceiling or sitting down entirely. Now this was something Alkali had to see in person. “Mmmph. That’s… okay I can see the problem. But it’s still only a good start you know. Don’t worry, I’ll be over in just a second.” He hung up the phone before Atimist could say anything else, and too fast to hear the sound of clothes ripping.

The trip out to pick up clothes took an agonizingly long time. There was a sale going on at his favorite clothing store so it was already swamped with other customers. There was nowhere else he could really go though. When trying to get clothes for exceptionally large friends, like 10 feet tall friends, the options were slim at best. And when you consider that your friend is definitely not slim it’s even harder. The entire trip ended up being close to two hours of searching for clothes, trying to decide what would fit best while still looking good, changing his mind, doing it all over again, and checking out.

Throughout it all Alkali had been secretly indulging a silent fantasy. Atimist had woken up touching the ceiling that morning, but what if he hadn’t stopped growing? He could be picking up clothes for a fox that was already filling up the room further. Having to hunch over inside the bedroom… then sitting down to stay indoors. But that wouldn’t have lasted too long either, if he kept expanding and fattening. Trying to escape the house through the doors only to find himself trapped part way through as he crawled. And then as he kept going, bursting through the house’s rooms, closing in on the ceiling. That fantasy definitely made the time go a little faster. But he needed to be getting to Atimist’s house right away.

The otter whistled along with the music on his radio without a care in the world until he finally arrived at his vulpine friend’s house. Or at least, what was left of his house. Which wasn’t much anymore. Instead there was a large mound of orange and white fur, and a swaying tail on top. Whoever it was the fur was laying on his stomach. Alkali checked his phone to make sure he’d gone to the right place. He didn’t really need to though because whoever that was turned around to see the otter’s approaching car. Sure enough, it was Atimist’s face that greeted Alkali. And he didn’t look very happy.

“Finally! Dude, you have to help me out. I don’t know why but I’ve still been getting larger since I called you,” Atimist said. Alkali stepped out of his car and looked up at the thirty foot tall fox. As he did, Atimist sat up so he wasn’t resting on his belly anymore. The fox easily overshadowed the otter and his car on the ground.

“Ohh. No kidding. I uhh, noticed,” Alkali replied. “What the heck happened? How did you get hot- I mean, uhh. Like this?”

Atimist crossed his arms and swatted at a few birds trying to land on his shoulder. “I don’t know. Like I told you, last night I was normal size then I woke up bigger. But pretty much as soon as you hung up on me to get more clothes I started growing again. Tried to hold out as best I could but the ceiling wasn’t really strong enough to hold me in at this size.” As if to prove his point, he hefted his gut with both hands and let it fall against the driveway. Alkali steadied himself against the side of the car to make sure he didn’t get knocked down by the bellyquake.

Readjusting his hat, the otter stammered, “W-Well uhh… be careful there. You kinda put some cracks in your driveway. It’s a good thing I got here when I did; you could’ve ended up way bigger at this rate.”

The fox perked as a strange tingling ran through his body. “Ohhh. Wait, hang on, back up Alkali,” Atimist muttered as he tried to scoot backward. “I know this feeling. Gonna get larger.” And sure enough the fox slowly grew. Those fox paws and belly started to push forward. The birds on his shoulder fluttered off as another spurt brought the fox up to 40 feet tall. His gut was already covering most of his legs as he sat, wobbling there as it was moved from the growth. Anything that hadn’t already been there was now easily beneath the extra wide hips and butt of a titanic fox. Down on the ground Alkali had to cover his face to mask the blush he was sporting.

“Wow,” Alkali whispered. This was crazy. What could’ve been causing his friend to bloat like that? It was just like in his daydream earlier. Almost exactly like it in fact. Size, body shape, house broken around his widened rump. The only thing missing was him getting larger.

And so Atimist did. With another shudder the fox reached 50 feet. Alkali quirked an eyebrow. Huh. That was convenient. And hot. Something wasn’t quite right here though. The fact he’d gotten to the same size he’d been thinking of while clothes shopping was strange enough. But just now, with another whole 20 feet just as he’d been thinking about it… as a test, Alkali imagined Atimist’s boulder-like belly starting to get heavier.

Atimist’s hands were gently rubbing the white furred mountain as it gurgled and started to expand again. “Oof, Alkali. This thing seems to have a mind of its own. Could it be something I ate?” he asked, gingerly making circles as he creeped closer to immobility.

“I don’t think so Ati,” Alkali said. “This is gonna sound crazy but I think it’s me. I’m making you bigger.”

“What do you mean you’re making me bigger? How?”

“Just watch,” Alkali said. He imagined Atimist at twice his size, and the fox twitched slightly. Atimist’s ears perked and a low moan escaped his mouth. In seconds the fox was bumping his hips against the neighbor’s houses on either side. Alkali had to step backward to avoid getting steamrolled by the soft wave of fox fur pushing forward.

Once finished, Atimist grinned dopily with a lazy wag of his tail behind. “Wow. That was the strongest one yet. Felt pretty good too actually,” the hundred-foot-tall fox mountain said. He looked down at the ground to see an otter snuggled against his tum. “Awwww, Alkali. Come on man there are people around to see.”

But Alkali didn’t care. His hypothesis had been proven right; he could somehow control Atimist’s size and body shape. How was this even possible though? Were there any stray experiments he’d tried out last night? No, just the normal ones. Nothing that could cause results quite like this. Those questions didn’t seem super important for now. Not when he had a golden opportunity to abuse the heck out of Atimist and get some fox fun in the process. The otter’s tail swayed behind as he squished the warm belly in front of him with the biggest hug he could manage.

“Hey Ati?” he yelled up.

“Yeah? What’s up Alkali?” Atimist asked.

“Well, you’re up. But could you pick me up real quick? Got something to tell you.”

The titanic, fattened fox reached down as best he could to get his hand there but found he couldn’t anymore. His chest pressed into his flab whenever he tried to lean forward, and his arms couldn’t reach all the way around his belly. With a blush Atimist replied, “Uhh, sorry. You’re gonna have to stay down there for now.”

Alkali frowned. That wouldn’t do. Too large to reach down? Unacceptable. Maybe… maybe he could fix that problem? “Well hold on foxy, we’re gonna test something else,” the otter said. He closed his eyes and focused on a mental image of Atimist back at his original size. The belly he was cuddling slowly began to contract against his arms, shrinking away. Fur rubbed gently against his arms as it covered less and less area until it came to a stop. Alkali opened his eyes to find Atimist standing there at his six foot height again.

“What the heck Alkali, how did you do that?” Atimist asked with his arms crossed. “You were serious weren’t you. Me growing like that, destroying my house, that was all you?”

“Looks like it,” Alkali replied. His hands still hadn’t left Atimist’s front. The fox had kept his fattened up look for whatever reason. Maybe Alkali had to explicitly think of him losing weight for it to happen. “So. Sorry about that. But looks like whatever size I imagine you at happens to you in real life.”

The fox’s eyes widened. “That sounds dangerous. But why did I wake up large then?”

Alkali almost answered, but closed his mouth upon thinking better. Probably shouldn’t share a dream he’d had about his friend growing. Not a good idea. “Don’t really know. But you know Ati… this does mean we could probably experiment some more. Who knows how long this will last after all. You wanna be bigger? Smaller? Fatter?” Alkali asked with an almost devilish grin.

With a meep, Atimist responded, “Maybe we shouldn’t try this out too much. Or at least somewhere safer?” But he could already feel the tingling in his body signaling the growth that was fast approaching. Looked like it would be a very interesting rest of his day.

For half a day, all that the news talked about around the country was the slowly growing, bulky fox that had mysteriously appeared around noon. No one knew who he was, where he came from, or how he’d gotten that large. But that didn’t matter as he shadowed over the nearby metropolis like a furry mountain. He didn’t seem to want to rampage around. He was just very, very big. Obviously enjoying himself too, as he plucked grocery stores and restaurants out of the city like tiny chocolates to munch on. Whatever he was doing to grow was pretty obviously pleasurable as he rumble growled with each additional ton he bulked up, or the hundreds of feet added to his height. The clouds parted around the orange monolith rising into the sky as he passed miles in height. The growth only seemed to speed up as time went on.

Then he disappeared. When the sun began to set the fox seemed to shrink away and disappear just as quickly as he’d arrived. The news copters tried to track where the monster had gone but there was no trace anywhere.

No one could’ve suspected that Atimist had been shrunk to half a foot tall and carried home by Alkali, to sleep off their day of fun.

The morning arrived uneventfully. Sunlight filtered through the blinds while Atimist shook himself off. What an insane day. Fun, but insane. He walked up to Alkali’s face and gave it a small kick. He was still at half a foot tall, which meant he’d need help getting down from the bed. The kicking didn’t seem to help much though; the otter was a pretty heavy sleeper apparently. Bomba might be able to help if he could make his way over to the dusky’s side of the bed. But then he’d also have to explain how he’d gotten this size, and all of the last day’s events. Maybe later.

Atimist rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, trying to remember what sort of dreams he’d been going through. He could recall that it was definitely a nice dream. Something about being giant, stomping around, being chubby again. But the details were hazy. The growth was the only part he could properly remember.

With a sigh the fox walked over and poked at Alkali’s face yet again. “Come on, wake up lazy otter…” he said with another kick. The house shook lightly when Atimist’s foot connected with the grey otter. Huh. He must’ve been stronger than expected at this small size. Then another light shake. And another. It felt like a lumbering, rhythmic walking approaching the house actually.

“Hey Alkali, Ati, WAKE UP!” a thundering voice cried before the house shook wildly. Thick, yellow fingers ripped the roof into the air. The house was flooded with sunlight waking up Alkali and Bomba instantly. Squinting their eyes against the bright blue sky the trio could make out the face of a close canine friend.

“I woke up huge today guys! Isn’t this awesome?” Labby said excitedly, while his wagging tail took out the rooftops of several houses in the suburb. “Oops. Sorry.”

“Uh oh,” Atimist muttered. Seeing his friend that size instantly brought his dreams back into clarity. It wasn’t himself he’d dreamed growing. It was Labby. This couldn’t be a coincidence though. With a blush he forced himself to think of Labby even taller, eclipsing the sun to keep their house in shadows. And just like that, his body rumbled and that face above grew enormously. Not to mention the flabby Labrador gut that pressed up into the side of Alkali’s house.

Alkali looked down at Atimist, and the fox just shrugged. “My turn to have some fun now I suppose!” Labby tried to pluck the tiny fox out of the bed but managed only to grab the whole bed. Apparently that was close enough for what the dog had in mind. Smashed between his moobs, the wood and mattress cracked and creaked. Not to mention the trio of passengers that were smooshed in place to that soft, padded flesh.

“I figure this was probably somehow your fault, so you three can just come along with me for a while,” Labby boomed, winking at the three of them. “Feel free to make me bigger too if you want. Should be fun to tease you three. Bomba gets the rump, Alky gets the gut, and Ati… Well I know you’re already happy. Heheheh.”



21 May 2016 at 12:23:47 MDT

This story is essentially just an experiment in a growth trigger that I rather like to think about.
What happens when Atimist finds that his size and body proportions are controlled by the mere thoughts of an otter?

This story includes:
Fat fur
A very dangerous size changing trigger for Alkali to control

Just a lil gift for Atimist Atimist and at the end, MrLabrador MrLabrador
Hope you folks enjoy!

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