New Employee [Commission for Sot] by AlkaliRoo

New Employee [Commission for Sot]

Simon sat in his metal chair, uncomfortable as usual for working in this lab. For about a year by now he’d subjected himself to all of these experiments and general assistance to the scientists. It was starting to get on his nerves to be frank. No one ever explained just what was going on at any given time, or why things needed to be done. Most of the time it was just fetch work. “Go get us that set of beakers.” “Go clean this glassware.” “Here, try this potion and let us know if anything happens in the next hour.” No proper explanations.

None of that really sat well with the white tiger. Just once he’d like to be given a task that he could actually understand. For today though that seemed unlikely. After a few minutes of waiting the researchers shuttled him into a large, enclosed room and then locked the door behind. That left Simon a good few minutes to explore the space before anything else would happen. The walls were plain and white, a sheer surface with nothing on it. The same went for the floor too. No furniture, no visible light fixtures, nothing. The only thing that did seem visible was a single table in the center of the room. And on top of it sat a pink solution in a test tube.

Simon approached the table out of curiosity alone, and maybe boredom too considering it was the only thing to look at in the warehouse sized room. The swirling liquid glowed just slightly. He was just about to pick up the tube when an intercom turned on and a voice began instructing him as if from everywhere at once.

“Test Subject 0215 Simon, we are beginning today’s experiment. In front of you is a test tube. Please pick it up and consume its contents. Be prepared to answer any questions we have,” the voice said. Sot couldn’t place who it was despite having worked here for years. The research lab did seem to have new scientists coming in on a fairly frequent basis; maybe this was a brand new project?

“Who is that anyway? Where are you?” Simon asked.

“Please, Subject 0215. We are on a schedule. There will be time for questions once the potion has been administered.”

He sighed and carefully grabbed the test tube. Just like usual then. No clue why he’d be doing this work today until he was already under its effects. He sniffed carefully at the top of the tube. Sometimes the scientists didn’t think ahead for such trivial things like ‘smell’ or ‘edibility.’ Luckily though the pink liquid did have a pleasant scent. It was something akin to fresh peaches, but not quite as harsh as a synthetic peach taste would usually have. More like the smell a peach orchard would have, natural and warm.

No reason to put off the inevitable then. The feline brought the glass tube to his lips and drank the potion in one go like a shot glass. His nose hadn’t betrayed him; it was definitely a distinct peach flavor. Maybe someone in the R and D department had heard his complaints about solutions that tasted more like dish soap or bleach, but Simon doubted he had that much pull. Simon was half tempted to ask for another glass of that stuff. He already knew the answer would be no though. Now there was nothing to do except wait. The lack of chairs anywhere in the room made that a bit difficult to do though.

“Uhh, hey. Could I get something to sit on please?” he said hoping that whomever was watching could hear. But there was no reply. He was alone for the moment.

For minutes he stood there and nothing seemed to happen. His tail flicked impatiently and he practiced his pawgazing. The scientists really should’ve thought this through. A phone, or a game, or at least a book to read. And with no clocks in the room it was impossible to tell just how long he’d been standing there.

The disembodied voice startled Simon when it returned to ask him some questions. “Test Subject 0215, it has now been five minutes. Do you feel any changes in your physical structure, or pleasant tingling sensations?”

“No, not really. Stomach is growling a little but that’s probably because it’s close to lunch time,” he replied. Simon scratched at his belly idly and paused. He pressed his hand gently into his stomach and found it had just a small bit of give to it. He was a pretty thin tiger and always had been which made it very obvious that something had changed there. With another experimental press Simon was sure of himself; somehow he’d gotten a bit of pudge.

“Well hold on, uhh whoever you are out there. I think something’s going on now,” he mumbled. Simon took a look down toward his stomach and pulled his blue shirt up slightly. No doubt about it then. That potion was making him gain weight. He placed both hands on either side of his gut and squished. It wobbled and sloshed, with a distinctly liquid feeling. Almost like the feeling of a water balloon getting squeezed. The tiger wasn’t really used to having any extra weight on his frame so he didn’t have any way to judge if this was normal or not. Maybe bellies were just supposed to feel like that.

He could definitely tell something was wrong when his tum started to turn a shade of orange though. It started right around his belly button and began to spread outward across the white fur of his torso. Simon blinked in confusion and rubbed at the orange fur to try and remove whatever had stained him. Nothing changed though; his belly remained just as orange as it was before, and it continued to spread out in wider and wider circles.

Focused as he was on his belly, the tiger neglected his hand’s slowly changing hue. The changing color of his fur was apparently not confined to just his gurgling gut. Soon his whole hand had turned a light orange, along with his opposite hand and muzzle. Each passing minute added a little more mass to his belly making it harder and harder to pull his shirt down over top of it. It wasn’t even an option by the time the scientist’s voice returned.

“Subject 0215, you appear to be confused. Don’t be concerned, this is all part of the expected results. Please describe in your own words how you feel,” the voice said with all the caring of a jaded cashier.

The tiger didn’t feel like answering any questions at the moment though. He wanted some answers of his own. “What’s happening to me? Why am I turning orange?”

This time Simon could actually hear the voice sigh. “The color you’re describing is peach, Subject 0215. Now please. How do you feel?”

“Uhm. I feel kinda heavy. Mostly around here though,” he responded with a pat to his rapidly bloating gut. “And the gurgling still hasn’t gone away yet. If anything feels like it’s getting worse. Is that bad?” Simon never actually got an answer to that though. The spreading of his orange color was speeding up even as he talked about it, making its way all the way across his torso and down his legs. The stripes all across his arms had turned a much darker shade of orange, almost a deep red.

The last bit of white fur slowly disappeared at the tip of his tail; Simon looked like he was dipped in a vat of fur dye. Although at this rate he might have trouble fitting into any sort of vat. The bubbling liquid feeling in his gut was intensifying with each minute, so much that the tiger had to gently rub across it to try and calm it down. That didn’t seem to have any effect though. His shirt was riding higher and higher on the orange mound as it struggled to keep pace with its growing owner. It hadn’t ripped yet, but at this rate that wouldn’t last for long. Simon tried to walk forward but found that his legs were having trouble getting around the mass he was sporting in front. He could swear he even felt a little wobbling in his legs too, almost like they were being filled up too…

“Test Subject 0215, you’ve officially reached the halfway mark for the experiment. Your clothes will likely not reach the end. Our team will provide new clothes to you at the conclusion of today’s work. At 15 minutes, how do you feel?”

“Wait, my clothes won’t reach the end?” Simon said, immediately reaching up to grab at his brown hat. “I didn’t sign up for that part! Aww, and I liked this shirt too.” As if listening to the conversation, the seams across his shirt’s arms started to tear. The growth seemed to be accelerating the longer he stood there. It was hard to tell for sure but Simon thought he might be getting just a bit taller at the same time as his widening form. The table looked to be a little shorter than it had been. It only reached up to his knees now. Even the nervous flicking of his tail was becoming more difficult as it filled with whatever substance was inside him.

The tiger grunted as he struggled to stay upright. The bloating had spread across his whole body, from paws to tail tip. All at once his body vibrated and gurgled. The growth seemingly redoubled its efforts as the blue shirt gave up the fight, ripping away and fluttering to the floor. The pressure release across his chest caused him to wobble dangerously as the liquid filling him gurgled. He wasn’t sure at what point he’d figured out that he was mostly full of liquid. But whatever this potion was doing to him had clearly turned his entire insides into something of a fur covered balloon. He didn’t feel like anything was wrong though. He could still move, even if that just meant barely wobbling. And constant growth aside, he didn’t feel like he was missing anything inside. He was simply filled with juice.

Simon wasn’t paying close enough attention though to just what his body was doing as focused as he was on his inflation. His tail’s swaying back and forth had set him just slightly in motion, like a pendulum that added more and more momentum. By this point his tail had thickened up from the normally slender appendage that helped keep his balance into something more resembling the trunk of a tree. And that made keeping balance with it a challenge. Simon swayed back and forth on his feet trying to avoid falling over but each correction only seemed to set him swaying in the opposite direction even harder. Eventually it was too much. The tiger flopped backward on his rump with a heavy thud. There was no way he’d be able to get upright again after that. The whimpering tiger tried to make the best of his situation by rubbing his arms across his body, but even that was getting hard now. The expansion of his body seemed to be turning him rounder and rounder, making limb movement near impossible.

The bored voice of the scientist returned. It almost sounded like they were reading off a script. “Thank you for participating Test Subject 0215 Simon. Your growth has now slowed to a stop. Please make your way through the double wide doors and into… the processing… area… uhh. Subject 0215? Err, uhm, what was your name again… Simon? Have you stopped growing?”

Simon looked down at his body, unable to see past his chest anymore and chuckled awkwardly. “No, I don’t think so. Feels like it’s getting faster if anything,” he replied. The orange color of his body was slowly starting to fade into something deeper, more red in color. It was hard to tell for sure but Simon suspected that the crunching sound coming from behind him was probably the table and test tube.

The usually silent voice of the scientist was now mumbling quietly. Simon could hear shuffling papers and the sound of a phone being picked up. “Ma’am, uhh, could you come to chamber 3? It’s 21 minutes in and the growth isn’t slowing. Yes. Simon. Well no, I don’t know what to do, this hasn’t happened before. Thank you.”

The fur on the back of Simon’s neck stood on end. “Is there something wrong?” he asked cautiously.

“Hmm? Oh, Simon. No, nothing wrong,” the voice replied in a sing-song manner. It didn’t fit the scientist at all, like a fake laugh. Something was most certainly wrong. “We’re just bringing in the head researcher. She needs to see this and… advise me. Yeah.”

Simon gulped. The growth continued, except that now it was more of a breakneck pace. The walls were beginning to slowly close in with each minute he was stuck sitting still. He’d been totally immobilized by his own body. He looked more like a parade balloon than anything, with deep orange fur and reddened stripes. There was still plenty of space in the warehouse sized room. But for how much longer? Simon got the distinct feeling that things were going to continue to get worse before they ever got better. And his grumbling, shaking body seemed to agree.

“Okay, what’s the situation?” This time a new voice, feminine and demanding, came over the intercom. The apparently junior scientist stammered a half-hearted response before the lead researcher got back on to talk. “He’s 23 minutes in and looks like that? What happened? I was only 2 minutes away! He can’t be growing that fast.”

Simon tried to reply, but was briefly distracted by the taste of peaches on his tongue. That was strange. Not unpleasant, but definitely strange. “M-Ma’am, could I stop growing now please?” he asked as politely as he could. “I still don’t even know what’s going on.”

“Well Simon, neither do I. You’ve overshot your expected growth curve by 458% and still seem to be speeding up,” the feminine voice answered. “We’ll make sure to stop your growth, don’t worry about that. But it may take a little bit of quick creativity. So just hold tight. We haven’t seen anyone get this large before. But look on the bright side, you’re going to be a great worker for us now.”

The tiger wobbled back and forth on his bloated behind. His chest was starting to overtake his head and his tail was definitely pressed into the back wall now. That gave him a frame of reference to figure out just how quickly he was actually growing. And it was… well, fast. Very fast. It took less than a minute for his tail to be smooshed further against the wall, and then his butt was pressed to it as well. Simon whimpered as he awaited his fate.

The collar chaffed at the peach-colored tiger’s neck. Simon scratched and tugged at it but there was no really comfortable way to work with it anymore. Sure he was glad for the scientists giving it to him; this collar was the only thing keeping him from bloating into enormity after all. But would it have killed them to make it just a little more fashionable and user friendly?

“If you’ll just be patient for one second Simon, we’re going to do one last test of your collar before clearing you to go home,” a familiar voice said over the PA. The voice of the lead researcher, Dr. Yamato, came in loud and clear. The red panda had thankfully been quick thinking in stopping his growth a week ago. Of course that didn’t mean he shrank right away. No, there were days of attempts at juicing him, deflating him, anything that they could manage. But all the usual attempts just ended in him outgrowing the room’s capacity, or totally filling up the juicing chamber’s storage units, being too large in the first place to enter rooms, and so on. One of the most embarrassing weeks of his life, even if the gently increasing velocity of his growth did feel pretty nice. It took the scientists long hours of hard work to finally devise an Extra Strength Size Suppressor Collar. The plan all along had apparently been to turn him into a sort of super-sized worker around the lab, as had happened to lots of other coworkers before him. But after ‘the incident,’ as Yamato had taken to calling it, no one was really sure what to do. He’d easily become the largest worker and hadn’t shown any signs of stopping either.

Thus: this new collar. It had to be engineered to be stronger, much stronger than the others. Green and pink lights lit up on the side of the leather straps holding it in place, along with a futuristic looking radio receiver. According to the doctor, this would keep his bloating, peach juice filled body from ever growing out of control again. The tradeoff was he could never take it off. Too dangerous. And it could be used to adjust his size remotely or manually by pressing the green and pink buttons. Everyone was very excited to see how this experiment went. This would be the first test of controlled growth in their newest, most powerful employee.

A small beep sounded at the collar and the green lights turned on. It was more like a controlled loosening of the collar’s power rather than something turning on though, slowly allowing the power of the tiger’s growth to do its magic. Just like last time a gurgling shiver attacked his stomach. This time he was smart enough to not wear any clothes though so there was no danger of losing any of his favorite outfits. Good thing too because in no time at all his flat stomach had bloated into something of a basketball sized paunch.

“Nine minutes and counting… 18% of previous maximum size. Continuing the controlled relaxation of collar energy stores. Nothing to worry about so far Simon,” Yamato said over the intercom. Well it was a good thing that she didn’t seem worried this time. Thanks to that Simon felt much more at ease with this steady expansion. Sure helped that he at least knew what the heck was going on this time.

The tiger placed an orange hand on top of his gut and sloshed it around experimentally. It rolled across his front in small waves, but not quite in the same way as a week ago. It felt less like he was connected to a hose and more like his body was simply growing naturally. Last time he looked more like a balloon as most of the expansion went toward his gut. But for whatever reason now it felt like all of him was growing. He experimentally poked at one of his biceps, feeling it up and… sure enough it was definitely thicker around than usual.

The gurgling was much softer this time too rather than the cacophony of sounds. The experience was much more pleasant this time thanks to that; more control in his growth and a little more maneuverability of his body was definitely a nice benefit. After a few more minutes the green light on his collar flicked off and the gurgling immediately ceased. Guess that was all he was going to be given during this first test.

Simon took a cautious step forward, unsure how his new center of gravity would behave with the hundreds of new pounds on his frame. To his surprise it felt pretty natural, almost as if something had been compensated for all the new mass in front. It wouldn’t be right then but later he’d learn that his body had absolutely compensated in the form of much larger paws and a thicker tail too. Custom ordered shoes would be replacing his wardrobe quite quickly.

The intercom projected sounds of clapping and cheering into the test chamber. “That’s a wrap Simon, the experiment went swimmingly. You’re free to get back to work.”

The experience became more and more bizarre as the day went on. His coworkers welcomed him back to the job with open arms, although none of them could fit their arms around him for a complete hug anymore. He easily outweighed even the largest person on their construction and moving team, which was a new sensation for the usually svelte and unobtrusive feline. It took a while to get used to not bumping into people, or knocking equipment over with his extra wide rump. Working helped with getting his mind off the long week though. He had to admit there were definitely benefits to working in labor heavy duties with an super-sized body. The embarrassment over his size slowly faded to a determination to get his tasks done for the day. It came back shortly after catching his hips between the doorway to the locker room. And again when he realized he didn’t have clothes at this size; the shirt and shorts he’d arrived with were lost in ‘the incident.’ But a borrowed jumpsuit from the scientists was just barely stretchy enough to fit his stripes into. He had to walk home, still bulked up, before he’d be able to shrink back down in the comfort of his home.

The house never felt as inviting before as it did that day when Simon arrived home. “Finally,” he sighed before poking at the green button on his collar. It only lasted a few seconds of gurgling and stretching until the tiger realized that was the wrong button. He mashed at the pink button instead to get down to his tiny tiger state. Better. Now he could cook dinner and rest in peace. As the evening lingered though, Simon found himself switching back to his larger size more and more often. To reach up and get an ingredient from a high shelf. To lift the fridge and get a spoon that fell under it. To rearrange his furniture in the living room. To… get more comfy in bed…

Simon woke up the next morning sporting his bulky, bloated size. That was strange. He must’ve fallen asleep before switching back to normal. Oh well, may as well roll with it and just stay this size since work was coming up. Fitting into the shower proved slightly difficult as he tried to work the water nozzle around to reach every inch of that round body. Just as his finger approached the button to switch back to normal he paused. Did he really need to? Last night proved he would just come up with another excuse to go back to this size. There was something of a… rush that came with the extra mass. Something about the sloshing movement in his torso, or the thudding of his paws felt pretty nice. So maybe it was best to just not shrink back down. At least for a day. Couldn’t hurt to just try it out.

Most people were surprised to see the orange feline come into work already sized up and wearing his new jumpsuit. Although the scientists reminded Simon that he didn’t need to stay that size all the time he didn’t seem too concerned with it. He waved off their worry with an at ease demeanor. The practical solution was to simply stay large for work, he reminded them. Shrinking back down just wasted time. He didn’t mention the fact he wasn’t planning to shrink at home either. Telling the truth there would simply worry the scientists further. And it wasn’t like he was going to stay this size for good or anything. Just for the day.

A week later and Simon still hadn’t shrunk back to normal yet. Turned out that after the first day things got enormously easier to deal with. New clothes, widened doorways and hallways, extra stretchy shower heads for those hard to reach places, and he was all set. The option was always there for him to shrink back down if he needed to. He just… didn’t want to. The gurgling juice inside him felt much more normal now. Plus the construction work at the lab was far more satisfying than the fetch work and assistance he gave to the lab over the past year. People actually told him what was going on. Looked up to him, literally.

If anything it felt just a little bit too normal. That original rush from his first few days of being large tempted him. So after much internal debate and arguing, Simon took the plunge and pressed the green button again while at home. Just for a few seconds. No one even noticed the change the next day but Simon seemed to have a happier spring in his step, something keeping the bulked up tiger’s thick tail wagging. That lasted another week or so before he got more aggressive again with the growth. Each time he held the button down a little bit longer. So long as people didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, Simon kept pushing the limits of what he could get away with.

He’d go back to normal eventually! Probably. Maybe. If he felt like it later. But not before he added another hundred pounds or so. Something to keep the fun going.

The otter ran through the hallways frantically. He had to make it to the lab quickly, to find the backup shrinking device. The hallways were buzzing with scientists and technicians; they weren’t panicking yet because the alarm hadn’t sounded. They’d soon know just how much danger they were in though, unless he could get this collar back to the construction site. He dodged and swooped between the people until he finally made it to his destination. Shrink collar, shrink collar, where was the shrink collar…

“There!” he squeaked, picking up a small metallic collar. Now if he was quick about it he could get back in time to keep that crazy tiger in check.

“Harry, where the heck are you? We need that collar now!” the foreman’s voice came through on his walkie talkie. A familiar creaking, sloshing sound filled the background behind the voice of his boss.

Without missing a beat the otter plucked it off his belt. “Just hold on. I’ve got it now. Will only be a few minutes until I’m back,” he said, still swooping between other people. “You can keep him under control until then right?” The voice on the other side didn’t respond though. No matter. He had the collar now. Things were going to be just fine.

As Harry approached the door back to the warehouse that was being constructed though, he saw quite the bizarre scene. The door was gone now, filled instead with what he could only describe as a wall of orange fur bulging out into the hallway. The walls surrounding the doorway were cracking, struggling to handle whatever sort of weight was on the other side. This entrance was no good. Maybe there was another way around somewhere else.

The otter turned around and ran back the way he came just as the wall gave way and a wave of sloshing, fattened orange fur filled the hallway. No time to think about that; if he hurried he might be able to reach the opposite side and get in.

As luck would have it, the opposite side’s walls hadn’t been erected yet. Only the scaffolding was in place and so the otter was easily able to get in. Success! Running inside he held the collar aloft, smiling. Once as he got a glimpse of the scene ahead though his face fell. Things had gotten much worse in just the few minutes he’d been away.

Simon’s body bloated enormously with each passing second, a gurgling sound filling the entire warehouse. Usually his collar kept his body’s growth in check, keeping it evenly distributed to give a slightly more bulky body type. That made him perfect for the heavy lifting needed for construction on this new wing of the laboratory. But now that the crazy cat had taken it off, all hell had broken loose. He looked more like a big peach, filling up with juice all over to be some striped furry ball. He had to be a good 40 or 50 feet around now. When Harry had left he couldn’t have been even a third this size… how could this tiger be expanding so quickly? The otter checked his watch just to be sure. Five minutes. He’d been away for just five minutes and Simon was already this large. He’d only read the follow up reports describing Simon’s initial transformation and growth, so he didn’t know all the details… but he definitely knew this was faster. Way faster. The room smelled vaguely of peaches, covering up the dusty metallic smell of a construction site.

With a chuckle from the expanding tiger, the whole room shook ominously in time to the wobbling bulk of the feline’s rounded body. There was no time to waste. But as Harry looked over the wall of rapidly approaching fur, he realized there was a flaw to his plan. Just where on Simon’s body could he fit the collar? Everything was too large, too bulky to fit anymore. The tip of his tail was no good, it was wider than a whole person. Maybe if he could get to Simon’s pinky toes… nope. His paws seemed to be keeping some pace with the rest of the body, and there was no way Harry could crawl his way under the tiger’s mass to get there. So what now?

Simon on the other hand was having the time of his life. His arms were still mobile enough that he could squeeze and press into his stomach slightly, enjoying the feel of its tautness into his fingers. He purred and the deep rumbling bass started vibrating the liquid inside him, along with shaking the wooden and metal foundation of the warehouse around him. There was still plenty of room for growing upward and outward in here before he’d have to worry about breaking out into the open. He wiggled his paws happily just thinking of it. Being big was definitely the way to go. He couldn’t remember why he’d kept that silly collar in the first place anymore.

“Mmmm… more…” he rumbled, while a tiny otter crawled along the surface of his body to look for something, anything small enough to fit a collar onto.

New Employee [Commission for Sot]


21 May 2016 at 12:38:34 MDT

Simon the white tiger has worked for this laboratory for a long time, doing menial labor. A new experiment looks to change all of that, but how will Simon deal with his new body?

This story includes:
White tiger
Growth Collar
Peach juice
A slow loosening of concern

Aha, finally another commission knocked out! This time one for Sot who in addition to being phenomenally patient with me is just a sweetheart all around. So glad I got to write this up for him; I'm very happy with the result.

Concept based on a series of pictures starting here!
Simon belongs to Sot

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