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roleplay / character & creature design
[I don't accept roleplay requests!]

My mate: FyreDraygg <3


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Personal stuff and opening commissions~

on 2 September 2019 at 17:33:10 MDT

Hi guys! Just a quick update of my current situation XD

Still on vacation!?
Yes XD. I am spending my last vacation week at the sea with my family. My previous seaside week together with FyreDraygg has helped me a lot and my skin disease improved so much I now sometimes almost feel like a normal person :D
I won't be able to send any scanned traditional drawing until I will be back home (I should be back on the 9th of September but I'm not sure)

University admission.
Unfortunately I'm still not in... I'm waiting and can't do much else (it's a chronological order of admission, now people who don't enroll in time will be deleted from the list and leave their place to others after them); lessons will start in the middle of October and, if everything will be fine, I will start my new life.

Commissions are open!
...until then, I'm open for commissions!
This time, most of the formats are available!
You are still invited to note me directly if you have something in mind :3

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Google Drive PriceList >

Less uploads, why?
I'm recently working hard on a veeery large commission piece I have had for quite a long time (we're talking about months) and still needs a lot more time to be completed. It is going fine, but I'm not drawing anything else besides some sketches and smaller commissions ^.^'

Future projects
They are still quite fanciful. I am slooooowly planning to do a long comic about an incomplete very old novel I had started writing about 10 years ago, but I need to change the story a bit and give things more meaning.
I'm also planning to completely redraw a small vore-related comic about a famous story; it started as homework for my comic course two years ago, but I still love the idea so much I will rework it digitally. I won't spoil anything else about it, I want it to be a surprise to you all :3

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    Hey! Grazie mille per averci seguite, siamo nuove su questo sito e siamo felicissime del tuo supporto!

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      Oh wow! Non mi aspettavo di aver trovato delle italiane nel mio vagare! Piacere mio, i vostri disegni sono fantastici :3

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        Gli italiano sono più di quanti si pensi sui siti d'arte XD
        inchino Grazie mille!