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Klonoa & Verda by AlexMagnei

Klonoa & Verda


Its been a while since I've had the courage to share my art publically to a website like this, I tend to suffer low self esteem when it comes to what I create but its time I started posting online again. Here's my boy Klonoa with a new OC I designed, Verda ^_^ he doesn't have much defined character to him yet, I need to think about a good backstory and stuff, but yeah he's a Klonoa OC~

Klonoa belongs to Bandai Namco
Art and Verda belong to me

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    I think your art looks pretty good. Just keep working on it and you'll get better--stay positive about drawing and enjoy what you draw. :)

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      Thank you so much ^_^ I'll be sure to upload more regularly from now on!

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        You're most welcome! :)

        The best way to get better is to keep going--especially if you love drawing. Just keep drawing and you'll keep levelling up. Everyone starts out rough and they just get better the more that they do it. :)

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          If only it was that simple, you're talking to someone who's been drawing for about 18 years |3

          Improving as an artist is a matter of knowing your weaknesses and having the confidence to push yourself to improve on them. With me, the confidence is lacking, but with the help of friends I hope to change that.

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            I’ve got 40+ years……and I suffered once when young, giving up on drawing for nearly 10 years. I know what I lost and the mental blocks to get over that. But I also learned if you don’t give up on doing something you love—you never truly lose anything. So, never give up, ever. Don’t let people tell you negative things, all that matters is you’re doing it because you love it—what the rest of the world says doesn’t matter.

            People and the internet want to bully and make people miserable—you just tune them out and draw because you love to. Leveling up may be slow and you may not notice, but just keep trying. I know a younger audience relies on internet—you can find how to draw and tutorials there if it suits. I’m old, so I collect “how to draw” books—if you have a local Library, you could probably borrow those kinds of books. :)

            And never underestimate the shapes and shape-drawing of figures—learn to build a figure with shapes……it’s probably the best basic information any artist could use! :)

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              Oh wow, I didn't realise that, but its good we can relate on this! It seems so unfair that it comes so easy to some people, but we are left working our asses off for little to no benefit, but I digress.

              There's no way I could ever give up my art hobby, I love designing characters more than anything in the world and my passion for art far outweighs my confidence issues, I just tend to keep my self expectations low, so the anxiety hit that often results is also kept minimal, in a "its not like I care anyway" sort of way.

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                I used to draw more realistically way back before I suffered art-hate and gave up drawing for years. I lost a lot of skill I never got back. So, I feel pretty passionately about not giving up on art if you love it.

                Eventually you reach your skill max, but if you’re happy with yourself and don’t let others bug you, then you’re doing great. :)

                I love trying new things—I haven’t used paints since I was back in school. So I’m trying to rediscover painting right now and expand the art I can do! :D

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                  Thanks ^_^ I was close to giving up myself when I decided to lean into my simplistic yet charming style.

                  I can actually also do 3D modelling, but I find it hard to motivate myself to do art on my laptop, and there's no good modelling software for mobile. You can see my 3D work at

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                    You're most welcome! :)

                    I think that's really great! I kinda suck at color, because I have very poor color sense (my clothing is usually solid color shirts with black pants/blue jeans), inking and black-and-white is really my favorite stuff to do. And I'm a girl, so you'd think I'd be good with colors--NOPE! XD I'm looking forward to doing Inktober this year and I'm going to try hard to do it. I just have to decide what my personal theme will be (I usually don't go for the internet listed themes, I usually make up my own). :)

                    I know they're coming up with new stuff for mobile all the time--they may eventually come up with some kind of 3D modelling software!

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                      Yeah, honestly the number of tools I use for my modelling isn't that many, so it wouldn't be hard to make such an app, but never mind.

                      Colour is oddly one of the few things that has always come to me quite naturally, I have no sense of fashion at all XD

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                        It may happen one day! :)

                        Yeah! I probably have little fashion sense myself, I mostly prefer tee-shirts and polos…..and jeans. I wear nicer shirts or polos to work, but since my Library job is very physical, I can wear jeans…, I’m lucky about the job I work at. :)

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                          Heheh I wear exclusively T-shirts and jogging bottoms, so loose fitting and comfy :3

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                            Comfortable stuff is the best!