Goldenbooks Presents: Kude! by alexcat

Goldenbooks Presents: Kude!


4 June 2014 at 11:23:30 MDT

Well I have a new toon OC fursona dragon whatever so I ~may as well post art of him here~

Kude, aka QD, aka KweKweKweKwe, aka Kwe5, aka

(pronounced KewDee)

(Cute Transguy Toon Dragon)

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    This is the first finished color picture I think I've seen of this guy! Adorable. How does being a toon dragon differ him from other dragons? Is it mostly his figure, or does it extend to things like personality/abilities?

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      I have such a headcanon for an Alt Toon Universe like WHOA but I'll try to make this Not Too Weird, haha! But yeah, in the universe he exists in (in which fictional works and characters live alongside reality and whatnot) he's mostly different from "regular" dragons by being fictional. Being fictional gives him certain abilities that humans and non-toons do not have (he's excellent at acting, doesn't feel pain as much cuz you know toons and their physical acting abilities, and very very basic squash and stretch abilities with his body [aka stretching his ears for comedic effect or w/e]).

      I really need to draw a character ref for him like WHOA

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        Yes, please do! Also thanks muchly for the info; I'm genuinely interested in this dude and where he comes from, so don't worry about going off on tangents or focusing on specific world details. It's not like I don't have characters I could do that for myself, y'know?