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Weight of Affection by AlefGP

Weight of Affection


About 10 years ago, wuff opened for commissions for the first time. Unknown to wuff at the time, some good friends were the first to ever commission a wuff for several little big sketches.

Now wuff revisited some of them for a super redux in appreciation of such lovely characters, fun bigness and amazing friends! 🐺💙

[ Description by Saatchi ] 

A decade is a long time. Friendships come and go, people move on and others disappear. Life continues, life changes, whether we want it to or not. But Laura and Alef defy such norms. 

An otter and a small, blue wolf have been friends for that decade and nothing will pull them apart. Divine machinations can’t stop them from hanging out, participating in experiments, having coffee, or just mindlessly poking fun. Alef was the first person to know her back when she developed her love for size-changing, the thing that propelled her to scientific glory. And all these years later, Alef supports her endeavors.

Together they make for one heck of a team and there are few scientific pairs out there that are as good friends, and lab partners, as these two.

Here’s to another decade!

Laura © Saatchi
Alef © AlefGP AlefGP

Artwork © AlefGP AlefGP

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