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The Goddess' Lands by AlefGP

The Goddess' Lands


About 10 years ago, wuff opened for commissions for the first time. Unknown to wuff at the time, some good friends were the first to ever commission a wuff for several little big sketches.

Now wuff revisited some of them for a super redux in appreciation of such lovely characters, fun bigness and amazing friends! 🐺💙

[ Description by VDO ]
"Gently, now- careful, all of you. I've got steady hands, but nobody try peering over the edge! There we go... now let's take a good look at you."

Kiya's eyes shone just as brightly as her flawless gold bands and rings, admiring the landscape in her vast and nimble hands. Her own reflection smiled back at her with genuine heartfelt joy as she gazed upon the pristine waters of the Nile, the lifebringer, the jewel of her people- or so she referred to it, while many of her people would actually consider her to be their greatest treasure by far. Her beautiful visage filled their sky with warm affection and comforting care as she elegantly shifted about to check upon them from all angles, somehow managing to hold the entire kingdom aloft without harm even as her fingers pressed in against the far corners of the realm in ways that ground huge chunks of stone and earth into crumbling meteors falling back down to their place on the surface. With Kiya, they truly did feel safer in her hands than anywhere else- literally.

"Wonderful- utterly wonderful! I'm sure the gods above are as proud as I am of how well you're all caring for these lands. It honors me to know I'm the princess of such a prosperous and beautiful kingdom... I swear to always do my best to keep you all on the right path!"

Kiya © Stampy Stampy

Artwork © <!~Alef-GP>

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