[Comm] Custom Knife Sheath by Alcho

[Comm] Custom Knife Sheath


7 September 2020 at 12:02:37 MDT

Custom knife sheath commission for Number01hunter on FA!

Handmade by alcho

All of my commissions are open! If you like this and would like something for yourself, simply toss me a note!

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    I thought the sheath was the blade. A secret blade

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      A sheath is a cover for the blade of a knife or sword. A blade portion of any knife or sword is simply called the blade. The main purpose of a sheath is to protect not only the blade from acquiring damage when not in use, but to protect the wearer / owner of the blade itself by keeping the sharp edge covered.

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    I've always had an interest in knife collecting (haven't started yet tho). What materials do you use for the sheathe?

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      I've just recently got a few knives now that I'm doing the leather work and such (there's a really cool sheath coming up shortly that I think you might like!), but as far as materials, I can use whatever the commissioner wants if they have a preference! By default I stay with a solid, thick cow leather, and then work it to where I need it to be! The dyes I use are Feibing's (think I spelled that right)!

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        Ah can't wait to see it ^^
        Ohh cool. I might actually take an interest in trying it out and attempting to make some sheathes someday. Gotta get a blade or two first but it sounds fun to make xD

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          Lol, well - I've actually got a big bunch of knives here that I'm cleaning up and will be posting for sale with custom sheaths eventually! I'll tell ya though - to seriously get into leather work, with all of the tools + dyes + materials + templates, you're looking at about 1800-2300 bucks (which was where I was at to start). If you're REALLY going into it like I am, you'll eventually make the money back for sure, but I'm finding out that if I wasn't as serious about it as I am, I'd be losing a ton of money by starting it!

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            Ohh geez I forgot for a minute it can be costly to get the materials xD Thanks for the heads up though. I'll be sure to keep that in mind and maybe think about selling it if I do decide to start getting into it. It seems like a fun thing still to get into even as a hobby and maybe there might be some people here willing to buy or maybe I could try making some other things with the materials if anything