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Hello! I am Alasou a Furry artist and trying other stuff artist (need to expend as much as possible), experimenting and trying to get better and all. Aiming for the cute drawings and anthro. Just enjoy your stay leave a comment feel at home!

Expect buns and daily colored sketches

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Slow art explanation

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed my art production is quite low. I've been very vocal about it on twitter but I figured I should give a small explanation.

A lot and nothing at the same time is happening in my life right now. One of the main thing is that my crippling depression I had for the past 15 years is very slowly getting better. Which is good! But at the same time it makes me have the slightlest bits of self esteem. And makes me increase my standards for my personal art.

Which is also good. But that means I've restarted studying anatomy and art in general from scratch. And if I draw everyday at least a few hours, it doesn't reach some base quality I am happy with to share and the goals I am giving to myself. So I don't post it. That's all. Things are fine but when I am drawing I am basically practicing or working on stuff to help me later. (like character sheets. turns out they are important for self reference. Who knew?)

But it doesn't mean my commission are closed. They are very well open. I don't think the quality of my art dropped and I am able to work on them no problems. And if you are interested don't be afraid to ask!

Also here's a bit of links because it's been a while I self advertised:
Twitter Most active in term of giving news or personal thoughts. I try to not retweet too much
Patreon Currently a donation box. thinking about adding a $2 tier where I'll post all the extra stuff I would normally not post. Like a sketch a day or something
Ko-fi it really helps

TL;DR: I'm fine. Mostly focusing on practice

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    Hi! I literally just found your gallery and I’m already loving it! You style is adorable and I hope to commision you one day.
    May I ask, is all your art I Weasyl, or do you have a bunch more art in other sites?

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      I posted pretty much everything I do on weasyl since I started using it which is quite recent. My older stuff can be found mainly on my tumblr or DA

      I am also more socially active (understand: I say more pointless things) on twitter

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      Also, thank you very much <3

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        Your very welcome and thank you for the links! I belive I followed you on DA. If you get a notification from PineappleCat25 that’s me lol. I look forward to seeing more of your art in the future!

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    Your art is really cute! Definitely looking forward to more!

    Welcome to Weasyl as well! It looks like you joined just recently!

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      Thank you!

      And yes, after the tumblr debacle I decided to expend where people could find my art and Weasyl seemed to be a good option

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        Yeah, I hoped a lot of people would choose to move here after all the Tumblr stuff. I think this site is fantastic for art and its very streamlined.

        Hope you enjoy it!