Hello! I am Alasou a Furry artist and trying other stuff artist (need to expend as much as possible), experimenting and trying to get better and all. Aiming for the cute drawings and anthro. Just enjoy your stay leave a comment feel at home!

Expect buns and daily colored sketches

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Expectation and hope for what I'll focus on in art

on 18 January 2019 at 02:44:40 MST

Simply give me a genuine with no wrong or taboo answer. I mean it, no judgement. I Need to know what you'd want me to draw. From generic stuff to very specific things. I want to have a general ideas of what you guys expect/wish for other than just "more art please". Because there will be more art for sure.

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    Hi! I literally just found your gallery and I’m already loving it! You style is adorable and I hope to commision you one day.
    May I ask, is all your art I Weasyl, or do you have a bunch more art in other sites?

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      I posted pretty much everything I do on weasyl since I started using it which is quite recent. My older stuff can be found mainly on my tumblr or DA

      I am also more socially active (understand: I say more pointless things) on twitter

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      Also, thank you very much <3

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        Your very welcome and thank you for the links! I belive I followed you on DA. If you get a notification from PineappleCat25 that’s me lol. I look forward to seeing more of your art in the future!

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    Your art is really cute! Definitely looking forward to more!

    Welcome to Weasyl as well! It looks like you joined just recently!

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      Thank you!

      And yes, after the tumblr debacle I decided to expend where people could find my art and Weasyl seemed to be a good option

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        Yeah, I hoped a lot of people would choose to move here after all the Tumblr stuff. I think this site is fantastic for art and its very streamlined.

        Hope you enjoy it!