[WIP] Keluna, my fursona by Akelun

[WIP] Keluna, my fursona


3 June 2016 at 18:04:28 MDT

I usually don't post WIP beside of in my tumblr, but I decided to post this unfinished reference.

And here, I present you a new character: Keluna: the little cute tropical dragon I will use for my next avatars I intend to make soon. ^^

I am pretty proud of her design. =)

Her… or his… Because yes, as the symbol in the bottom right corner shows it, (s)he’s an hermaphrodite.

(S)he will also be… if I can use this word, my “fursona” from now.

I decided to represent myself as a dragon because… well, this is my favourite creature (they don’t exist, but you understand what I mean) and as an herm because this is truly the perfect gender. With herms, we can’t think about homo-sexuality / hetero-sexuality, etc… So, there can’t be homophobia (personally, I’m an hetero man, so I can’t be a victim of this kind of discrimination) and in addition, you can feel the pleasure of males and females.

So… yeah, I’m a part of the people who think that a correct hermaphrodism would be the perfect gender and that’s why I wanted to be represented by an hermaphrodite OC.

Anyway… I will maybe / probably improve a bit this reference and post NSFW drawing of her / him in my NSFW account or in the websites where I post NSFW creations.
I hope you like him / her and his / her design. ^^

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