Hoarder Adoptables! by Airless

Hoarder Adoptables!


20 January 2014 at 23:58:41 MST

Eeee! They're cute, round , and pudgy dragons!

Hoarders are a simple creature with one true motive in life: hoarding!

A Hoarder's greatest pleasure in life is to lounge about all day on a mass mountain of multiples, keeping them safe from marauding miscreants. They can also be trained to guard anything that you place on their pile. (just don't plan on getting it back!)

Some objects Hoarders have been known to gather are; bouncy balls, gold, balloons, plushies, fabric, ice cream sandwiches, yarn, and anything else they can get their claws on.

Hoarders do have wings, but since they sit all day on their treasure, they have become too heavy to fly!

How to adopt:

  • Pick an Adoptable
  • Send me a note with the number of the Adoptable and your PayPal Address
  • I will send you a PayPal invoice for your Adoptable
  • Once the money arrives, you'll get a full sized image with color chart of the Adoptable of your choice emailed to you.

Once adopted, you are free to give them a name, or change the gender if you wish.

Adoptables are sold in order of the arriving notes. If you don't pay for the Adoptable you claimed within 3 days after you receive the PayPal Invoice, it'll go to the next person interested in it.

1. Available
2. Owned by Kuromaki
3. Available
4. Owned by Mr. Darkseed
5. Available
6. Owned by Clovermae

Let me know if you're interested in a custom-coloured Hoarder!

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