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Lagaros Adoptables


21 January 2014 at 00:04:32 MST

*"The Lagaros are a strange mix of Alligator and Dragon. Their bodies are covered in stretchy scales, and they have distensible jaws and bellies. Their throat and belly scales are quite elastic, and the belly can distend up to three times its original size!

Average height for a Lagaros is around 6-8ft at the shoulder. They are quite long, and can reach lengths of up to 25 feet!

The weight can vary, depending on what's in their belly. :P

Lagaros are mostly solitary, and highly territorial. They are not know for monogamy, and will only seek out others of their species to mate.

These large reptilians are not known for their intelligence. Most of them are not sentient, but can be trained not to do certain things. (like swallowing your neighbours) There have been rare sightings of ancient Lagaros that are more than 300 years old that have become wise enough to speak.

Lagaros are excellent swimmers, and spend most of their lives near water."*

How to adopt:

  • Pick an Adoptable
  • Send me a note with the number of the Adoptable and your PayPal Address
  • Let me know if you want "just the adoptable" or a "reference sheet"
  • I will send you a PayPal invoice for your Adoptable
  • Once the money arrives, you'll get a full sized image with color chart of the Adoptable of your choice emailed to you.

Once adopted, you are free to give them a name, or change the gender if you wish.

Adoptables are sold in order of the arriving notes. If you don't pay for the Adoptable you claimed within 3 days after you receive the PayPal Invoice, it'll go to the next person interested in it.

For $35 I will give you your adopted Lagaros, and a matching Reference Sheet! With a Maw Shot added in!
(example: )


  • You may not sell the design or profit from the design in any way, shape or form.
  • You may alter and modify the design as long as it remains recognizable.
  • You will receive the full resolution file, which you may re-post on your profile with appropriate credit.
  • Credit for the design/species isn't obligatory (always appreciated!), but do not claim you've created the character/species.

All the rights to the species remain with me! You are not allowed to make one on your own!
Do NOT copy, trace, reuse, redistribute, alter or use in any other way, shape or form without my written permission!

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