Skína Brennisteini by Ainoko-Ironrose (critique requested)

Skína Brennisteini (critique requested)


15 December 2014 at 21:37:57 MST

[color=#00BFFF][i][b]And here is yet another character from the Master's Pet universe. This species is called the Irridinni who hail from the Pleiades star system (or Seven Sisters), their planet(s) of origin are unknown and rumored to have been destroyed by their Masters the Ch'arth'a. The Irridinni are warriors known for their fight to the death mentality and their elemental powers. There are 11 major elemental types (water, air, fire, ice, electricity, holy, dark, gravity, thunder, psychic, wind) and numerous minor elementals (earth, plant, mental, poison, etc). The minor elementals need to be in physical contact for their power to be fully effective, those with the major elemental powers are rare and the most dangerous. The Irridinni are usually the first wave that is sent in to weaken the defenses of whomever their Master's target.


[color=yellow][i][b]This is Skína Brennisteini..

Name: Skína Brennisteini
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4
Weight: 120lbs
Breast size: C cup
Wingspan: 8'9
Horns: 15"
Tail length: 4'5
Element: Fire

Species description:

The Irridinni are a strange species due to them being winged mammals (Felines, Canines, Lapines, Lupines, and Vulpines). They have a great great fear of land based species which can be attributed to their Ch'arth'an Masters. The Irridinni are very energetic, more so in 6 hour bursts after waking. Skina is a fire elemental as can be seen by the smoke and embers rising from her wingtips, and glowing eyes and horns due to the restrained power coursing trough her body. Skina is a fully realizes Irridinni fire elemental able to release more than 6 fire bursts an hour when in battle mode. In their society, an injured Irridinni is a dead Irridinni, meaning that if one is injured in battle they are killed by their brethren to avoid capture and to allow advancement for those in the lower ranks. The lifespan of the Irridinni is roughly 100 Terradynnian years (about 25 Earth years) with most dying long before they reach the age of 50.

The Irridinni are a very prolific species, often mating mid air before, during and after battles. The gestation period is about four months with a litter of two born (always will be the same gender). The young are born live while their mother is in flight, the kits as they are called are released from their mother's umbilical cord mere moments before they are pushed through the birth canal and have about 3-5 minutes to learn how to fly before hitting the ground and flying to their mother for feeding and bonding. The kits stay with their mother for 10 years before getting sent to boot camp to learn what their element will be and fighting skills. The young are placed in communal groups while their mothers are in battle, and if she fails to return they are placed with a foster parent until they go to boot camp.

To the Irridinni, clothing is a foreign concept and seeing anyone in clothing is a sign of madness. They are a very communal and open species, meaning that they do everything out in the open (mating, fighting, birthing, etc), needing to be with large groups for comfort and security when not fighting for their Masters. Their 'nests' are sparse caverns high off the ground in the Ch'arth'an's massive transport ships living bays. Punishment for a rogue Irridinni is putting them into solitary confinement anywhere from 5 months to a year, if that fails, then the offender is summarily executed by having their wings ripped off and dropped from a great height.

When the Irridinni mate, it doesn't matter whether they are the same genus (feline/feline, canine/canine, etc) or different genus' (canine/feline, lapine/vulpine, lupine/feline, etc), it is only when breeding do the Irridinni copulate with those of their own genus if they aren't already mated, Irridinni enjoy sex just like everyone else. The two rarest elements are Dark and Holy, and are the only two elements that are immediately known at birth. The kits born with those elements are snow white (Holy) and blood red (Dark), and born at the same time to the same parent. When the Dark and Holy elementals are born it is said that the future of the Irridinni is determined by which elemental is born first. The last time a Holy and Dark elemental was born, the Dark was first born and later on, the Irridinni was enslaved by the Ch'arth'a and their home planet(s) were obliterated.



[color=yellow][i][b]I got Skína Brennisteini from :iconsaltandburn: to help her cover her dog's emergency vet treatment and eventual cremation after he died during treatment from an unknown injury.

You can find the original pic done by the talented :iconhere-kitty--kitty: by clicking on the following link found here: Sadly it seems that :iconhere-kitty--kitty: does not have the original pic in her galleries anymore.

Please go and give both :iconsaltandburn: and :iconhere-kitty--kitty: your love, pageviews, watches, love, shouts, comments, love, faves, and when they are doing them, commissions. When you do, tell them that :iconAinoko: sent you their way. 

Art (C) :iconhere-kitty--kitty:
Gi'Iesha, Valdosta and Yasamiko (C) :iconAinoko:[/i][/b][/color]


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    I really did enjoy reading about your character's species. You thought it out beautifully :)

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