Door Surfing by A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction

Door Surfing


13 April 2019 at 09:48:12 MDT

Here's a comic commission I have from showing a bunch of mobsters as they end up on the receiving end of a bullet and door based bitch slap.


When going hunting, sometimes a hunter has to put up with betrayal, like Alistair Garth did in Italy while trying to bring in a specific Centaur mobster there.

He'd been lead into a trap by a vole bartender who he didn't realize was in fact the don's underboss at the time, the bartender lead him to what he claimed was the mobster's hidden drug base, but was in fact an explosive booby trap.

And in true Bond villain fashion, they thought Alistair was killed in the blast. Needless to say, they were wrong on so many levels.

Having found a way out of the abandoned mental hospital that was reduced to rubble, Alistair trailed them back to the real base, and as you can see now, he's opening up a really big can of pure, unadulterated whoop ass.


Alistair Garth belongs to me...and technically, so are the rest of these mooks.


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