Do I stay or do I fold? by A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction

Do I stay or do I fold?


6 April 2019 at 09:04:04 MDT

Here's a little something I greatly enjoyed receiving from which is a cool ass fanart picture starring my character Alistair Garth with four other dudes from fiction in a poker game. Annotations below.


Alistair Garth's business can take him pretty much everywhere at times, and he's no stranger to some of the 'Inns between worlds' interdimensional travelers can venture to.

Sometimes he heads there en route to another universe when he has to venture to one, and sometimes he'll just meet clients there, and the waiting can take a while, and in this case he wanted to join a poker game between four interesting characters who were playing off in a corner.

The other four players happened to be a highly arrogant mercenary who was oblivious to losing, a pimp who claimed to be a living storm even though he was clearly human, a fast food based mad science experiment, and a mad scientist from a supposedly near-extinct universe who was there as part of a scouting party for a new reality to colonize (and was quite pissed that the staff of the inn couldn't serve his drink in the solid gold cup he specified and had to settle for this plastic one). However, none of them were particularly familiar with Al, which proved to be their undoing when playing against a clever alligator.

So when his client arrived, he left the table with most of the pot and made a mental note to beware of the french fries if he ever plays against him again. But he wouldn't be the next alligator that the aforementioned fries played with...


Art by constancelea of deviantART

Alistair Garth belongs to me, and is the only guy here I own

Scout is from Team Fortress 2 by Valve

Dolemite is from Dolemite by Dimension Pictures

Frylock is from Aqua Teen Hunger Force by Adult Swim

Kleese is from Battleborn by Gearbox Software


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