Leelo and Min-Ji by Adventurer

Leelo and Min-Ji


30 April 2016 at 16:37:59 MDT

Another piece from my backlog . . . sort of. These were submitted on DA as two separate pieces several months apart, but I kind of liked how their poses worked together so I decided to put them together, tweak the background and post them as one picture here on Weasyl.

These two are markattas, one of the fictional species from my story. Markattas aren't native to Purithym (the archipelago in which the story takes place), but there's a decent sized migrant population that arrived during the height of the Argonan Empire's presence in the region. The vast majority of these markattas worked as manual labourers, often for the human Argonan colonists. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the Purithyan-Argonan colony, most markattas were left without employment, and statistics show that they are currently the most socioeconomically disadvantaged species in Purithym. This may be why many of them have taken to disreputable lifestyles - such as Leelo and Min-Ji, who have become pirates.

Leelo Ironhammer (left) originally worked as a sentry, and trained in the use of a variety of weapons to keep trespassers out of the areas she was guarding. Her favourite techniques have always involved two swords, so these were what she most commonly used. These skills have greatly helped her to make a new name for herself as a fearsome pirate. Leelo loves the pirate life for the opportunities it offers, both in the freedom to travel and the riches that allow her the material goods she could never have hoped to access as a law-abiding citizen.

Min-Ji Sanddragon (right) was once employed as a construction worker for the Purithyan-Argonan government. She now uses her construction skills for new purposes as an on-board shipwright on the same crew as Leelo. On first appearance, Min-Ji can come across as a bit quiet and awkward and not much of a typical pirate. But don't let that fool you. She can still beat you with a yard, knock you out with a hammer or nail you by the earlobes to a mast if you get in her way. Also, I've heard that she's always wanted to try keelhauling, so I'd recommend staying on her good side.


Leelo Ironhammer, Min-Ji Sanddragon and markatta species belong to Adventurer

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