Orion Full suit by Adrion_Creations (critique requested)

Orion Full suit (critique requested)


23 January 2014 at 16:35:04 MST

This is the second version of noiro18 's character, Orion. He is a chimera; a three-way hybrid between a tiger, a dragon, and a wolf.

Paw pads and horns are UV reactive and glow in the dark. They were made by Dreamvisioncreations

The suit was constructed from a duct tape dummy and is almost entirely hand-sewn. There are three main colors of fur, all of which are from imstuffedfur.com

The head features hand-painted, hand-cast resin eyes and a retractable air-clay tongue.

The most distinct feature of this suit is probably the EL wire hand sewn into Orion's many blue tiger stripes, giving him a magnificent glowing effect. It comes with an attached battery pack and a sound-reactive inverter that picks up sound and can control the brightness and flickering of the wire to a beat or loud noises.

The EL wire on the suit is all thanks to thatscoolwire.com

Orion is a good-natured character with a helpful disposition. He likes to roam around convention halls with his trusty flowstaff that lights up!

Character belongs to noiro18 Suit built by noiro18

Stay tuned for an update on this suit to Orion's new ref sheet, which will feature wings, more stripes, more glowing effects, and more spines! Stay tuned.

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    Hey there! I noticed this in the critique wanted section! Are you ready? I've got a couple of things to point out :)

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      Sure thing. I wish i could say i will get right on those things you point out but i have deconstructed this suit in preparation of the new orion based on his updated ref sheet. Still i would appreciate anything that helps us improve.

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        No problem, I'll bear it in mind!

        I really like the feet on this, the definition is awesome. But the toes are just a tad long looking on it. It looks like his foot is mostly toe.

        For the head, the shaping is pretty good! Definitely wolf looking. However, I suggest larger eyes. The way they are now makes them seem either too set in or too small. They're a really nice colour!

        Basically the entire muzzle/cheek section needs to be shaved down some. That could help with the eyes looking too small!

        The EL wire makes a really pretty effect, I love it!

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          Thanks so much for your comments! I noticed these things as well and have improved upon them already for my suits of the future.

          With the toes i think my problem was mainly a lack of practice and references. I had been trying to recreate a digitigrade foot reference but doing it plantigrade so it came out looking like alien toes. Since then i have made several other feet with a less alien looking toe ratio 8P Sadly the pawpads (while they do look quite lovely) did not meet my standards for durability. I am an active person and after i decommissioned the suit half of the pads on both the hands and feet were falling off. It wasn't because of a failure on the manufacturers' side. They just are for a suit that doesnt see as much traffic as i put into mine. Spining staff took a few victims as well 8P

          The eyes were a combination of several things that i was able to identify. The main thing that makes them look smaller i'm not sure if you can see in these photos. I hand sculpted eyelids and made them entirely too large. The second thing being that the molds I used to cast my eyes came in either small or gigantic so i went with the smaller ones because i didn't want alien eyes too 8P. I am glad you liked the color i went through about 10 blank eyes before i had painted one that i enjoyed 8P and yes those eyes are hand painted by myself.

          As for the muzzle that is a problem that i had that a lot of beginning suit makers have. namely that i didnt shave the head down at all! I didnt own a pair of shavers at the time and thought i could escape it by using short pile fur. Needless to say i was incorrect and have since purchased a very lovely pair of shavers and use them regularly!

          Thank you so much for your constructive criticism It is how we improve as suit makers.

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            No problem! I know it can sometimes be really easy to not see where you went wrong on something but it looks like you've already got it covered ^^