Jessica Husky Fullsuit by Adrion_Creations (critique requested)

Jessica Husky Fullsuit (critique requested)


23 January 2014 at 16:30:50 MST

This fullsuit is done as a team effort between noiro18 and adrielle-226 She debuted at Anthrocon 2012 and was a hit at the Friday night rave.

This is our first fullsuit together as a team. The character's name is Jessica.

Video link of the suit at the rave: Skip to 2:06 to see the suit.

This character is neither of our fursonas, first of all. She is just a happy husky.

The suit is a premade, meaning that we made it a little baggy ON PURPOSE.

It has been sold already; we no longer have it. It was made to be sold as a premade.

Here's another video of the suit lighting up with Adrielle inside:

The suit patterns were made from a duct tape dummy from adrielle-226 who is a petite person at 5' 5" tall, only 110 lbs. We decided to make the legs a little longer and the shoulders and waist a tiny bit bigger than Adrielle to make it wearable for someone a little larger than her.

The head, paws, tail, and feet are made by adrielle-226 adrielle-226 Original design of the character also by adrielle-226

Bodysuit cut and sewn together by noiro18

The body has blue and yellow EL wire hand-sewn into it, much like on noiro18 's fursuit of his chimera character Orion.

What is EL wire? It's what makes the suit glow. It's battery-powered wire covered in a thin film of plastic of many different colors and thicknesses.

We bought our wire for all of our projects from

The wire is also on the husky's face, which is the blue showing on the muzzle. In the videos you can see it light up, which is its purpose.

This was our first suit together, and we are learning about suit building with every new project we come across.

Constructive comments and questions are always welcome, but keep in mind two things:

1.) This was out very FIRST suit together. We've learned a lot since we finished it.

2.) It has a new owner now, so we cannot show you new pictures of it, nor can we personally fix anything on the suit.

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    Cool!! Do you have any fursuits or just fursuit heads for sale?