Dragon Naga Design by AdoptCreations

Dragon Naga Design


12 February 2015 at 10:16:09 MST

Up for grabs for $10
If you like a NSFW Ref, just for additional $2 cost

Rules for the adopts
*In 24 hours after confirming you want to buy, an Invoice being sent for the money, and the money is not seen in 24 hours the adoption will be resold.(unless notified)
*Paypal only

  • If you don't like what you receive, there is no refund.(Eggs adoptions/Or Adoptions)*Once purchased, be sure to include us in the description if you decide to repost.*You can make changes such as accessories, etc but you however are not allow to change the design of said character.*You may NOT sell the design for more then you pay for. However, if you get a bunch of art of them, then you may do so but keep us informed of who you released the adopt rights to.*If you purchased the adopt and at a later date do not feel like you want them, you may be able to resell the design back to us.*Your not allowed to majorly edit the design. Small changes are allowed.*And you would also gain an unmarked Ref

Please be sure that you have read our TOS! :3

Base: waitress


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