TOS - Terms Of Service by AdoptCreations


Adopt Creations Rights

*We have the right to post our designs on any site that we choose to hold our creations.

*Can charge what they is a good price for the creations present to you guys.

*We reserve the right to decline any offers and/or adoptions.

*If you are added to the blacklist (Which means you really have to fuck up lol)
You will be informed along with being unable to purchase any of our future designs that we place in our gallery.

The Adopter and their Rights

*Can repost the adopt on your page as long as you credit us for the creation.

*Since you brought the creation, you can get art of said like pf course.

*You can make the adopt an OC/Main Sona/ or even buy it for a friend.

*If purchased for a friend, let us know who the design is going to so we can keep track of where its going

Payment Info

Paypal Only

Payments are made to either OR

We will tell you who to send the payment to varying who is moderating the account at the time.

Contact Info

Contact us through email at


Main Accounts:

Wolffrost & Luxuriachronos

If you have read and agreed to our TOS, then place a AC in your comment when wanting that design :3


TOS - Terms Of Service


9 February 2015 at 12:44:11 MST

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