Badger Jack and 'The Lab' by Adleisio (critique requested)

Badger Jack and 'The Lab' (critique requested)


2 July 2016 at 15:08:29 MDT

[DISCLAIMER] Jacksepticeye has no affiliation with the furry community and is NOT furry himself, please respect that.

Had been debating posting this here for a while and it has been done for a really long time now, but ultimately I decided that I would like to share it here.

So this piece is a long time coming because I saw all the badger versions of JackSepticEye back on April 1st and was really inspired by them but was unsure of what I wanted to depict him in until he did his first video for "The Lab" from Valve on the HTC Vive Virtual Reality.

I am not great with doing human faces so I decided to depict him as a badger with Septic Sam as a Personality Core while he took a break and played with the balloon machine [which I simplified]. I figured with the multiverse that Portal introduced for their Perpetual Testing initiative in Portal 2 would be good way to depict Jack as a Badger and still have it make sense. I also noticed a lot of fan art for Jack was mostly portraits and the like, but I wanted a full scene related to one of the games he played and "The Lab" gave me the perfect opportunity for it.

I hope you all enjoy this piece of fan art [I am still am self conscious for this stuff x.x ]

--Arty Info--
Done with Prismacolor color pencils, Copic SP liner, and the Uniball Signo Broad White gel pen for the highlights on 9x12 Canson XL Vellum Bristol

Colors Used:
Cool greys: 10% 30% 50% 70% 90%
Warm Greys: 50% 70%
Mineral Orange
Pumpkin Orange
Terra Cotta
Tuscan Red
Spring Green
Apple Green
Grass Green
Slate Grey
True blue
Cloud Blue
Non-photo blue
Dioxazine Purple
Yellowed Orange
Peacock Blue
Sienna Brown
Burnt Ochre
Ginger root

I am trying to still find a good paper that shows less 'spackle' through the color pencil because the scanner picks it all up.

Submission Information

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