Commission - Daze Snow Leopard - part 4/4 by Adalore

Commission - Daze Snow Leopard - part 4/4


7 April 2018 at 22:36:27 MDT

Commission for Daze-snow-leopard: on FA of multi part doom and written fiction. This is vaguely within the canon of my Mana tear setting and Airbar subsetting.

Daze felt completely unable to focus as his body stiffened and contorted into a new shape. His back arched and stretched as his face froze. He could feel a forced smile stretch across his face before becoming the only emotion he could display. He tried to hold himself up off from the table but his arms restrained themselves into a held paw pose in front of his chest, as if he was mid hop.

His eyes looked through the bar with worry before settling on Daisy.

Daisy ignored his distress as she cleaned up the table, “Don’t worry dear, I’ll be back.”

Daze tried to move, he couldn’t be alone in this state, panicked he tried to get up from the table while his legs still obeyed him before flopping as legs flipped behind him leaving him laying on his extended torso. Fighting against the restriction he wiggled in vain as his senses were filled with the music started by Daisy.

It felt like he was drowning in the music as he fought it, but then suddenly he fell through to just float on the flow of the song. Contentment filled him as he drank the music deeply into his now vinylized being.

Daisy returned with another drink and placed it on another table before hopping up on the table in front of Daze’s rounded snout, “See? Isn’t the music nice?” She rubbed his snout with her a bulky hand. The plastic on plastic made a satisfying squeak as his body flexed against each movement.

Daze could still see, he could still feel, and he could certainly still hear, and his thoughts rolled over as Daisy rubbed head in this even stranger body. This was nice, pleasant even, but he wanted to be interacted so desperately. He tried to cry out in despair as Daisy jumped off the table, he didn’t just want to be, he needed to be played with, but he could make no sound.

“Hush hush,” Daisy replied to his silent anguish as she hopped away for a brief moment, leaving her vision, she soon returned and hopped back on the table.

Daze welcomed her as loud as he could but could only manage silence.

Daisy then pulled a cloth from her skirt, a moist tissue, and began to clean Daze’s head, neck and paws that had gotten covered in food as he transformed. Each stroke creating a satisfying reaffirming squeak of plastic and companionship.

Only then with both Daze clean and the table clean did Daisy finalize the night backed by the vapourwave funk, “I can’t just leave you here, you’ll go a little nuts, so I’ll just join you until you dry out,” she then took the last shot and placed the now empty vessel down. She hopped over to Daze’s table unto the chair across from him and leaned in, “Just drift away, I’ll be right here.”

Daze watched her change into a much smaller pool toy, adopting the same arched back and drawn on smirk of a face and felt companionship in a strange new place under neon lights.

Jared returned early the next day, and was not pleased. He thoroughly chewed out Daisy for even giving Daze an oxygenated drink and turning him into an inflatable. Daisy justified it as not knowing how much of a light weight Daze was going to be for that type of drink, but Jared was having none of it.

“He can’t work in the back now, Hot surfaces, Knives, everything that is lethal to inflatables are back there,” Jared grumbled.

“If he can’t learn how to run the bar he’ll just have to work with me as a waitress.” Daisy said dodging the issue.

“Waitress?” asked the very bewildered Daze, “Is that specific?”

“You are that fresh here after all, yes, it’s a part of the brand of the airbar, topless waitresses even if there isn’t, like, much to show off.” Jared explained as Daisy did her best boobs and butt pose.

“But how could I filled that role then? There’s a requirement issue here.” The now proper rat sized Daze gestured at himself.

“Everyone is transformation prone here in the Mana Tear, Daisy would just turn you into a gal.” Jared clarified clearly.

“Oh” Daze realizing the sort of place he was now in, looked at the overtly grinning and nodding Daisy, “I guess I should learn how to run the front bar then.”

Daisy expressed her disappointment with a solid sigh as her preference was now solidly plan B.

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