Commission - Daze Snow Leopard - part 3/4 by Adalore

Commission - Daze Snow Leopard - part 3/4


7 April 2018 at 22:33:33 MDT

Commission for Daze-snow-leopard on FA of multi part doom and written fiction. This is vaguely within the canon of my Mana tear setting and Airbar subsetting.

“Alright, that should be enough.” Jared stated with satisfaction.

Daze was exceptionally relieved by this, “what now?”

“Well we all gotta sleep, Daisy will supervise you getting setup in one of our backrooms for the night.”

Daisy gave a thumbs up to Jared with a squeak.

Jared satisfied hearing that left out the front door into the night.

Daisy stood there waving in somewhat exaggerated cheerfulness until she was satisfied that Jared was gone. She turned back to Daze with a mischievous grin. “How about we celebrate your new found Squeak-dom with a stiff drink?” she said skipping over to the bar.

“I wouldn’t mind some whiskey.” he replied, hoping for a familiar drink. Daze felt a little gorged on the meals he had this night and was very much a Squeak, which he was told was broad category that described rodents. He squeaked as he shifted in place still not comfortable with his new tail. New habits surfaced as he subconsciously cleaned his whiskers each time he got distracted, he stopped with a confused huff each time he caught himself doing it. “Am I going to stay this big?” He called out over to the bar.

“Naw sweety, you’ll probably sleep it off,” she yelled back. Dazed could hear the clatter of glasswear and the sounds of her prepping drinks. “It looks like Jared got you to turn into a rather handsome rat.”

Daze had noticed pretty clearly that Daisy had gotten more flirty as the transformation took hold over him, though he couldn’t decide if he was suppose to feel physically attracted to Daisy. Such questions of love life really dwelled in the future instead of tonight.

Daisy returned to Daze’s seat with the drinks and laid them out in front of him. “These will give you a far stronger sense of what the airbar is known for,” she assured him.

Daze shrugged, “If the food was that good then I’ll set my expectations for the drinks pretty high.” He took a good look at his drinks, he had more than Daisy for this toast though of course he was much bigger than her right now so that made enough sense. The only thing that really stood out was the strange carbonation that misted out of the shot glasses.

“Don’t worry, it’s menu standard.” Daisy said hoisting her shot glass. Daze did the same. “To your new future as a fellow Squeak,” she set the toast and they both downed the shot.

It rode down his throat like whisky but didn’t settle in him right, something was different about it.

Daisy huffed with satisfaction after her shot, “Now here’s my favorite thing to do with these shots,” she said setting up a small music player, “it’s the sort of thing you drift away with.”

Daze wasn’t able to place completely what was wrong but figured another bite couldn’t make it worse and reached for his food. The music filled the bar, which unless Daze was completely confused, was vapourwave which just a bit strange but no more anachronistic than anything else here. He lifted the bite of food to his mouth, but paused for a moment as he felt the shot bubble up into a burp however it never surfaced.

Daisy watched on, with her grin spreading.

He paused trying to prompt the burp but it wouldn’t come, soon he gave up and went to take that last bite. The fork pressed on his seemingly closed mouth as his body started to bloat up from internal pressure, seams spreading and plastic shean started to replace his already new fur. He tried to yelp in surprise but couldn’t manage a squeak.

“Oh don’t worry, dear, it’s the full air bar experience,” Daisy said as she looked herself a puffed up from her own drink. “Though you seem to be a lightweight,” she said rocking back and forth on her seat.

“Just stay calm, it’ll be completely fine, just lose yourself in the music and you’ll wake up soon.” Daisy said with absolute certainty as she turned up her music player.

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