[FBA] - Gerry Cross Character Card by Ada

[FBA] - Gerry Cross Character Card


5 November 2014 at 13:38:59 MST

All alone by the window, gazing out and upwards into that blue sky
I don't want to just stay by my desk, there's so much to do out there

I look out the window , the wind blowing gently
Beckoning me to step outside

My heart beating rapidly, I approach the ajar door...
And dashed out with all my might!

I ran and ran and ran, jumping over all the obstacles in the way
With your encouragement, I found my way!

So much I want to tell you about! About the thrill of this world I stepped into!

I learnt that I'm never alone, even in times of sadness
With the strength you've shown, you've taught me how to stand up again on my own
Right then, and there, you helped me find out who I really am!

In times to come, be it in light, be in in darkness
I'll use my strength to support everyone

It's not strange, that my heart burns with fiery passion
Everyone we're bonded to - Those who live on this planet
The miracles that inspire us and how we inspire others and make them dream
Absolute bonds that cannot be shattered!

Keep fighting the good fight, keep on inspiring and...
In time to come, we'll all be heroes

Was inspired to do a bit of writing and making this character card of Q and my adopted FBA character, Gerry Cross :3

The writing sorta hints at his past a wee bit, even if a little vague, and how he came to be a good player in the FBA :3

He's not a superstar player, but if nothing else, he's a very solid player who performs very well, even if quite a good bit older than most of everyone in the league at the moment.

He's the Captain of the [url=http://furrybasketball.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hawaii_Kahunas]Hawaii Kahunas[/url] FBA franchise, and according to stats is presently the strongest player on their team for the 2013-2014 season :3

Q and I are working on his bio and are planning to flesh his bio out as soon as we can, perhaps even start a Twitter account and RP as him in the coming future, not too certain about the Twitter part tho... But we'll see :3

Gerry Cross created by ???? and adopted by Qovapryi and myself :3
FBA Universe born and fleshed out by Buck Hopper presently spearheaded by Stevie Maxwell

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