Brothers in Arms by Ada

Brothers in Arms


20 May 2016 at 12:40:46 MDT

A continuation of the previous pic I did of Adi :3

BG used comprises of some of the pins found in TWEWY itself, and the font used is 'Vandalism'.

Background comprises of my fave track in the TWEWY game itself, Calling (This is the Kingdom Mix version). The lyrics don't make much sense, but the track itself is quite catchy :3

Added here is my own char, Ada, adoptive brother to Adi in the FBA Universe.

Adi himself has been tweaked a little as well, reflecting the TWEWY style is if it's from a darker environment, and I got rid of the gradient that makes the upper parts of his image lighter than say, his boots as well, so there's only 1 shadow value layer, not including the ink blot areas. A few ink blot areas has been added as well, so the ratio of ink blot covered areas parallel the ones that I did for Ada '3'/

Because of their different builds however, but similar-ish height (Ada is 5'9-10"/176-178cm and 136lbs/62kg, my RL stats, and Adi is 5'11/180cm and 169lbs/77kg), Adi's build is much thicker than Ada's, but not ridiculously so :3

And yeah, Tetsuya Nomura, primary artist for TWEWY and KH, has this tendency to make folks of normal build ridiculously thin in this particular style he uses o3o/

Anatomical parallels for Adi and Ada would be Beat and Neku from the games respectively, though Beat's arms are thicker than Adi's own :3

Adi's wearing a pair of modified Goretex work boots, and Ada's wearing a pair of Converse Aero Jam IIs.
And yes, before anyone asks, I like my kicks/shoes '3'/

Art and Characters belong to Me
Aditya Anggun belongs to Me
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