[FBA] - ... So Let It All Out by Ada

[FBA] - ... So Let It All Out


7 June 2016 at 15:34:26 MDT

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how strong an outlook one puts up…

When something in the past causes one to be angry through most of one’s adult life, then responsibility gets dumped on their shoulders without a guiding light, especially when there’s so many they have to look after… It’s natural to get scared, petrified, fearful, whatever word it is you associate with the feeling

With most of everyone scared of the anger - the remaining few others wanting to add fuel to the fire - He had practically no one to turn to, no one to dissipate his anger with, his negative reputation being built up over time while his anger subsided in the later years

It wasn’t fair, his life wasn’t fair… I should know, in a way… No filial child at a young age has to experience their parent die prematurely… And have everything taken away from them...

This bond connects us yet...

I got lucky, I had my pillars of support, he practically had none

What I’m doing now… It’s alright, right? I may not have much time left here, but this, becoming a pillar of support for him, it’s okay… right?

What’ll happen if I leave after the next season ends? Will he have anyone else to turn to by then? Would the incident repeat all over again? … Will he scream like that again…?

… I don’t have answers… Not right now anyway… Just…

Right now, this feels right…

Let it out… Let it all out


I’ll be here


I’ll protect you

A perspective from Adi's point of view on the incident portrayed in my previous submission, https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1304945/fba-coaching-woes

Adi is one of my characters
Julio Onca created by Buckhopper, adopted by me
FBA started off by Buckhopper, now spearheaded by Steviemaxwell

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