(Video) International Cheetah Day Livestream & Giveaways! by acinonyxjubatusrex

(Video) International Cheetah Day Livestream & Giveaways!


27 November 2016 at 23:06:55 MST

Hey everyone! I'm really excited to tell you about all the cool stuff that's going on for International Cheetah Day this year! Being a cheetah myself, I am of course sympathetic to their plight, and wanted to make this video to bring awareness to the Cheetah Conservation Fund and all the efforts they are making to save this invaluable species. International Cheetah Day is just one of these many efforts, but don't forget you can support cheetahs all year round. ;)

I'm also thrilled to tell you about the livestream being held by ramthedragon ramthedragon and KendrickJ KendrickJ, two amazing cheetah fans! I've covered pretty much everything in the video, but once again, they will be having a livestream on Picarto for 10 hours on 12/4. Stop in and play Jackbox with us, watch a cool documentary, see awesome art being brought to life in real-time, and just chat and watch people being silly. You might even walk away with a free Steam game or a humongous bundle of art all for your very own~

Please stop into ramthedragon's livestream on December 4th! I do have work that day (boo!) but I'll be there for at least a little while, and will definitely be buying some great art and merch to help support cheetah conservation! Hope to see you there too!

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