The creation of Nemisis by AcidBone

The creation of Nemisis


20 November 2012 at 17:11:38 MST

Started this on a Thursday last week, finished it at 3AM...woke up receiving major hand cramp.

Anywho here be Nemisis and how he was created. Enjoy~ (please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes >.<; )


Nothing but silence and darkness trying to consume what was left of light.

But why? Why should darkness consume what little light there is? Shouldn't there be more? or something trying to maintain it's balance? Silence kept on going, and right as the darkness tried to eat up the last bit of light, there was a bright blue flash, that small flash grew, and began consume the darkness. The blue flash began to create a figure, and soon a reddish-yellow looking star appeared behind it.

It spoke in verses, a language only known by those of it's kin. While it continued to speak, the blue figure began to show more features, at first there was just a head, soon followed by a torso, the glow around the strange creature began to glow brighter and brighter, then from nowhere, spots that glowed different colors appeared on the strange creature. It's torso opened up before being overwhelmed with the same blue glow.

The Star behind the figure then made one last chant, "Now that you have life, go forth and explore the universe, you shall take the position of guardian, and make sure everything maintains it's balance, explore the planets that inhabits it's creatures," right at the end of the verse, the figure opened it's eyes which emitted a bright silver-ish glow.

"Go forth, Nemisis,"

(Maybe I went a bit too overboard with this...hmmm...)

Nemisis/artwork copyrighted to Tameeka Shon'te August of 2012

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    i envy your glowing squiggles

    8T they are quite nice.

    can you do glowing squiggles for me Meekz?



    no srsly, i wanna see how you do your glowies, cause somethin tells me it ain't the same way i do mine.

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      LOL sure I'll make ya some glowy sqiggles XD

      HAHAHAHAHA, oh? um ok then when ever I do come over, I'll bring my laptop and show ya! (it's not really all that hard actually)

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        now i just need to practice it!

        and eventually i'll post here.... yes... some day xD

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          Mmmmmyeesss~ post your glowies here guuuurrrrlll (Damn it I need to post here more often too XD )

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    your fucking glow work is always so fucking bad ass sis

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      Awwww thanks bro, that means a lot to me 83