Novaganastros by Acevis Elecion

Novaganstros are the inhabitants of the Edenic void that specialize in a special connection to the currents of energy flowing around in real space. They are the "Mutants" of the world, not in a traditional sense however. They suffer no observable deformities from the outside. Novaganastros can be any creature in the edenic void; feral, anthro or taur kin alike. Novaganastros are very weak psychics at best, the best trait they posses is being able to naviagate the currents when entering and leaving the astral void. Like Marmortids, they too can change form, but this is not due to psychic ability. The body once connected to the essence of the currents adapts to it's ever changing nature, so that the entire body is able to morph freely, without the need for competent psychic control.

Novaganastros are uncommon, but far from rare. They may seem to be little in number only because of fear of persecution by governmental authorities who have an uneasy truce regarding their prescence. Because of the infantile mental presence they possses, they are often secured in cities or locked away in small camps near larger cities, given that Dementia would easily be able to control them to their own ends. When secured, they are often observed and conditioned for better use of what limited power they have mentally.

As originally stated, and is part of their name, they serve primarily as navigators. Whether it be to leave the void into realspace, or helping visitor species enter the void, the acute senses they posses are invaluable to anyone wishing to enter the astral world. This special gift is valued by the natives of the world, which leads to many an confrontation of giving them up for offworld use. There are a few however who have been moved off and out of the Edenic void to aid in visiting travel. Travel is not restricted to in and out of the void however, as it's influence goes far beyond simple entry and exit.

The most noticeable consequence of a novaganastro is the internal defections they may suffer, ranging from a weak heart to defective organs systems which may need external support.


Acevis Elecion

20 December 2012 at 08:17:45 MST

A Social group of (usually) Astropaths that form an important yet very fragile part of communications and social workings.

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