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21 August 2015 at 22:55:18 MDT

This is Ingrid sen Sola, the commander of the tank Delphinium 1 and commanding officer of the entire taskforce on Omar during the time after the withdrawal of the Aludran fleet. Her field promotion was not specific as to what her actual rank was supposed to be, but this was later made Brigadier-General by direct order of the Empress in recognition of her leadership.

Ingrid was fifty-four at the time of the Battle of Omar and one of Aludra's most seasoned tank commanders, having fought in numerous skirmishes on the Aludran border and the land battles during the Fourth Battle of Kythen Ocean; she would later go on to command armour during Aludra's participation in the Garam Civil War. She lost her eye and part of her ear at the age of twenty-three when her tank was hit by an Etrusean airstrike; or, as she would put it, three tanks ago. She is a member of the minor Sola noble family, and has six wives and three daughters who are directly related to her.

Her favourite phrase is an old Aludran saying, "That's not my story," which depending on context can be a statement of defiance, satisfaction, regret or resignation. She says the reading glasses she wears with a cracked right lens are the same pair she was wearing on the day of the airstrike: most people who know her know she keeps that pair at home and just breaks every new pair she gets to look the same.

S-3 Black Swan Tank Commanders used to the 155mm turret usually wear their dress cover rather than a helmet since the commander's station is sufficiently large that hitting their head is not a particular concern.

Like many Aludran tank crews, hers was issued the brand-new Type 70 SMG, designed using data from specialist paratroop use of captured Chiran SMGs. Wartime needs meant the magazines issued on Omar were made of bakelite rather than the manufacturer's preference of polycarbonate.

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