A Little Real by AbbyWolfox

A Little Real


4 August 2016 at 23:02:06 MDT

I've always had a character to represent myself; and what kind of self-respecting furry would I be if I didn't have a sona, right?

The thing is, I've always struggled with my self image. I grew up just hating how I looked and feeling like I couldn't fix that. I alleviated this issue somewhat by having a persona online that I felt was a better representation of who I was. Abby became me.

For a while, I lined myself up with this short, bubbly, loud rendition with an iconic "swoosh" hair style people have grown to recognize. She's almost what you'd call a brand with how long she's been around. She was fun to hop into and just be free with what I did and how I felt, but I feel like the "brand name" Abby isn't really me as much anymore.

Since I've been on HRT, I've slowly grown to be ok with celebrating myself. I'm working on not shying away from compliments, I'm smiling more, I can stand to look at myself in the mirror and see the changes that have been happening during my transformation, and it is good. As such, I decided I wanted to do more with -me- as Abby rather than Abby as a facade I hid behind.

Just thought you'd like to see something a little more real me.

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    Hey at least your hair style isn't shit like mine

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    Keep on celebrating your awesome self! ^.^

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    I really dig this look!