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Aaron Mocksing / 36 / Male / USA

My artwork sucks.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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This account has dead. Six months in and 200+ pieces of junk and three comments to show for it, lol.

It takes two to tango, folks. I worked hard for what I did. An artist can't do all of this on his own: fans gotta at least lend a hand of support - not complain about how dumb I am when faced with a difficult choice.

I'm on two better sites. If you truly feel you would like to see my work, go to either one and stay tuned for updates. Or, well, you can sit here and do nothing. Either way I'm perfectly okay with.

Latest Journal

Dante Book II Completed

If you've seen the original Dante book here, Book II is on it's way.

I'll be uploading it here, FurAffinity, and e621.

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Colored, Shaded
$ 30.00


$ 5.00


Colors, Shade
$ 20.00


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    Well, they haven't implemented the removal of accounts... that's a bummer. I guess I'll just not log on from here on until then.