Hello everybody...

Looks like I have found a new gallery space... with this one I will have 6 actives galleries all around the internet...

I´m just starting here but i hope to do it well

I´m a normal Mexican Monkey-Man, with a normal life, drawing is just my hobby, not my passion neither my job... so didn´t upload works very often; also my drawing skill are still developing... and I’m in a place between traditional and Digital works, only using my PC for coloring... and because of that drawing and coloring a pic took me almost a week...

I´m very happy and jolly almost all the time, and I´m very friendly too, so don´t be afraid to ask me anything just let me know who is asking of course…

And about Commissions, Trades and Request… I normally don’t took any of them… because of my work, my school, and all other things than took my time away… but we can always settle something… it is just matter to sit and chat for a while.

If there is anything else you want to know just let me know ok? ^^


X Tsu No Saru

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Art Block; I need help

on 18 June 2013 at 08:10:17 MDT

Hi everybody it is been a while since I writhe a journal, but I guess I need to said something important.

Since the last month I have been to keep myself connected the internet bill is a lil to high to be paid soon… so I could browse the web easily as before; most of the time you see me online or when I upload stuff, is the time I spent at work.

Now, these days, as you have notice I started to draw more often than before; so I guess this time without internet help me to focus on drawing. Until yesterday.

I´m suffering from an art block; I´m not sure what is going on but I just can made a pic good enough for my own eyes; i draw one of my characters recently; and I wish to draw another but at soon as I started the pic something was wrong.

1st I draw the head too big, then too small, later the body was too small, the legs were too long and the it became a mess; finally I though I could made some corrections on photoshop, but I couldn’t manage to fix it, there were just too many small details to correct than I guess I need to draw it again from the beginning.

Anyway so far I don´t know if I would be able to keep drawing, I need to made a body study on my own draws to redefine the proportions, and I hope to draw again soon… otherwise… I will draw again until next month. Wish me luck to break this block.

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