Hello there!!!
For now I plan on using this site just to look at pretty pictures and follow great artists!
I might be interested in writing and typing up some story and character ideas, but don't expect me to draw....
.... Okay, don't expect me to draw WELL... at least for now.
I've started scribbling chibi-ish animals, but only for the heck of it.
I'm reeeally hoping I'll get decent at it one day!
As for more information, I'ma just copy/paste from my Gaia page like some sort of lazy person...

Call me Raz!
I prefer 'they/them/their' pronouns when possible, please.
Late 20s

  • Cats and animals in general
  • A bit of anime and manga (Madoka Magica is my current favorite / Hetalia is a guilty pleasure / Revolutionary Girl Utena a forever classic)
  • Video games (not really a gamer any more beyond a few computer games)
  • Writing (beginner, and only doing so for recreational purposes)
  • Mental and emotional health

~Extra info+Things to know~

  • Technically disabled with a mental disorder that makes things a bit difficult, so please bear with me! ----Mini ramble----
  • Furry (otter!), but kind of odd feeling when it comes to the community/fandom/whatever you call them.
    While I don't mind the sexual or fetish side of furries too much I personally don't find much interest in it (though some tasteful pictures here on Weasyl are kind of appealing) and honestly don't like vore, adult diapers, or inflation for example.But, that's just me, and just because I don't like it doesn't make it bad, so not judging any artists based on this stuff.I'm sure there's stuff I love that many people would object to! (cough cough YAOI cough cough)

Also, this info here about my avatar >>>>> < link to original post and information on artist for my current avatar (the Animal Crossing style white otter)

^ This is an older design of my fursona, so I'm still very interested in hiring an artist in the future to draw my new design.
That, and for some specific OCs I have in my head that I would just ADORE to finally have sketched out for me one day.
Don't have the money for it at this time so not hiring just yet, but definitely on the lookout so stay tuned!

Latest Journal

I give in.....

on 1 August 2014 at 22:12:52 MDT

Okay okay okay okay OKAY!!!
You win, Weasyl!
I did it.
I drew something.
It's not very good as you can imagine from someone who rarely ever draws at all, but I still did it.
And so heads up...prepare yourself if you happen to visit this page as it'll be flooded with the most newb sketches EVER.
Just gotta make sure of some stuff before I post... >.>

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