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Still around, but work took over and real life got busy.

Currently all art is stalled and I do not have a working tablet to continue pursuing it. I also think several pieces of art I've put up here don't really scale to my actual ability, so I'll be cleaning up a bit.

Not having a tablet has somewhat killed my ability to do much for a while, so it's been back-burnered indefinitely. But if I pick up a tablet eventually here, I'd like to get back into doing some art. Probably going a different direction than previous works.

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Out with the old, In with the new

on 19 March 2015 at 20:52:26 MDT

Probably been a couple hundred of the posts about people leaving Furaffinity and coming over to Weasyl, so I'll skip that for now.

Instead, now that I moved over here, prompted by my wife's move of her entire account, I have to say, there is a LOT to Weasyl that I was no expecting in terms of features, a smarter layout.

I'll be working on moving over some old art and getting some new stuff around soon, so while there may not be much here right away, I'll likely just end up using Weasyl exclusively. It's a pain in the ass trying to upload to multiple websites/art forums, and I like to keep that number somewhat slim.

So, what up? Nice to meet you folks, some of you again for the first time, haha.

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    I'm sorry that this is so late, but thank you for watching me!
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