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Hello thank you for visiting my page!!! I am just a fennec trying to get back into the swing of drawing currently

I don’t bite feel free to message me


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Open Commissions And Working Again

on 1 May 2020 at 23:27:06 MDT

Whewww I’ve been at home for about 5 weeks now, and the company I work for decided to open back up somewhat so I’ll be working 40hr a week again. They kept paying all the same though all this but it’s nice to get out and work, I didn’t realize that was something I liked until I couldn’t do it.

Ok so I’m opening up commissions I’m hopping this will also help me draw faster too since people don’t like to waist long on at :)

Ohhh and I got an iPad Pro now, works great with drawing I like it. There is a lot of great art software for iPadOS

That’s all for now stay safe everyone!


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Line Art, Char w/ Simple BG or Detailed Character with Detailed Background
from $ 15.00
to $ 75.00

Commissions info!

I will draw pretty much everything lol, male, female, NSFW or SFW, any species, whatever you would like. Feel free to ask me for thoughts on your idea for some art!


Detailed Character with Detailed Background: $75usd

You are involved throughout the entire process from planning, color pose gender species basically ill draw what ever you want. This will also have a detailed background. I will provide detailed updates on your commission so you can create it just how you like :)

Comes with the full resolution PSD file as well as a standard resolution PNG file and access to my Telegram Update channel


Character and Simple Background: $25 usd

You are involved with from the ground up deciding pose, gender, species anything you want. Includes a simple background :)

Comes with the full resolution PSD file as well as a standard resolution PNG file


Line Art: $15 usd

Basic line art drawing that you have my permission to recolor and change how you would like, just say somewhere that I made the line art. Comes with the PSD file as well as a standard resolution PNG file.



Send me a note for my Paypal info and further information ^~^

Since i work full time i am only able to give one project my attention at a time. Expect a commissions to be finished in one week after payment. Send a note for my PayPal information.

If you have any questions send me a note or add me on telegram @FinikeFawks

Payment is upfront fully before I start sketching and yes I send un-watermarked previews.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me


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