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Tumblr will ban all visual adult content Dec 17

on 3 December 2018 at 13:34:00 MST

As detailed here:

At this time, I will stop using Tumblr and will delete all NSFW content. I may continue using Fifi’s Fancy as a SFW art blog, but then nobody will still be around to see it, so why bother.Please be absolutely sure to follow all of your favorite creators on other sites, because we will all be officially purged in two weeks.Visit our pages on desktop to see if they have their pages listed thru their custom theme.Here are mine (“most important” pages in bold):

I have no interest in joining this bizarre Newgrounds fad (and don’t expect it to last very long).I’ve never posted a single image exclusively to Tumblr, so you don’t need to panic and save everything on my page. Just bookmark / follow my Inkbunny to see everything I ever draw.

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    Thanks so much for watching! And yes, strawberry cheesecake is heavenly. :P

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      You're welcome! It is!

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    Thank you fur the watch!!

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      Sure thing!

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    It is. I think.