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Live life to the fullest; love with a full heart.

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I am Whimsy...

I am a restless, inconstant star;
I come and go as my desires move me,
I take the adventure that comes to me.

I am Whimsy.
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Woman, writer, dreamer; silly, pensive, playful; a study in opposites, a conundrum shod with mystery and wrapped in an enigma.

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Contractual Terms

CONTRACTUAL TERMS (last updated July 23rd, 2012)

The following conditions are in place on all material I create for others. The recipient, hereinafter "you", agrees that you understand, accept and will abide by the conditions set forth by the creator, hereinafter "I" or "me" as applicable. "Work" refers to the creation in whatever form or medium; "commission" refers to the contract to create such work, whether as a gift, a request or a trade and does not necessarily imply payment.

1. Copyright & Posting

a) I retain copyright to the work; this copyright will NOT be transferred to you except at my sole discretion and for such recompense as is acceptable to me.

b) You have the right to re-post the work when, where and as you please, provided that you credit me as the creator of the work and link to my post of the work, or if not posted, to my user profile; and you credit all characters not your own to their owners.

c) No other party may re-post the work without my written permission; such permission will impose the same requirements as (a) and (b) except that such permission will be limited to one upload to one specific account on one specific site which will be identified if permission is granted.

2. Restrictions

The following restrictions exist:

a) I will not create anything dealing with watersports, scat, diaper, torture, pain, cruelty, bloodplay, gore, vore, unbirth, necrophilia, ageplay, child/cub. This list is not exclusive and may be expanded at any time. Furthermore, I will interpret these limitations as broadly or as narrowly as fits my comfort zone; e.g., erotic biting may not count as pain, and hickies may not count as blood.

b) AGEPLAY, CHILD & CUB: I will determine for myself if the characters involved seem to be children or cub and decide on that basis; my decision will be final and is not subject to debate. Statements such as "this race takes 100 years to reach full growth but she's over 18" or "he's just petite" will be disregarded.

c) You may request the use of one or more of my characters in the work if you wish; however it is your responsibility to read their character sheets and decide if they are suitable as they are. Do NOT ask me to change them to suit your desires. Further, if in another work, I have opted to relax a restriction, that does NOT set a precedent for your request.

d) I am willing to use other peoples' characters in the work if you wish; however it is your responsibility to arrange it with the characters' owners'. I will require a direct communication from the owner to me specifically granting permission for me to include their character(s) in the work. I will NOT arrange this on your behalf, and if I do not receive that permission as described then I will not use their character.

e) I am willing to set stories in known fiction universes, however I will NOT, under any circumstances, use characters that are commercial properties; e.g., Oola (Star Wars), Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter), Mickey Mouse, etc. Please do not ask me; I will not do it.

3. Conduct

a) I will at all times be respectful and courteous in my communication with you, and I require you to do the same.

b) As this is a business transaction, do not engage in role-play while discussing the nature of the work to be done.

c) My real life is my business just as yours is yours. Do not ask for my real life information and do not give me yours.

4. Refusal and Termination

a) I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason; I am NOT obliged to discuss or justify my reason for refusing.

b) I retain the right to terminate a commission after it has been started. In the event it was a trade, I will contact you to determine fair recompense if you've already completed your half of the trade. Note, however, that my preferred practice is to deliver my part of a trade first.

c) If you terminate the commission, I will be under no obligation to you of any kind.

5. Agreement

a) It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms. If you do not understand something, it is your responsibility to ask for clarification before accepting them.

b) These terms are not negotiable. Do not ask me to change them. Either accept them as they are or seek someone else.

c) If you have read, understand and accept these terms, say so when you contact me to arrange a commission. I will not start work until I have such a statement from you.

d) Gift work (i.e., where I present you with a work without a commission) is exempt from these terms with the exception of section 1.

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