i'm in the midst of a three year artblock. sorry that most drawings i post won't be very high quality :'(



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Ollies off of deviantART, hopefully for good!

on 28 August 2013 at 06:36:43 MDT

Basically, I left deviantART overnight, it just felt like the right time. I'd been toroko for five years, and my first deviantART account... Was almost ten years ago!! I'm so embarrassed to say that it's taken me so long to see how worn it has become. I'm happy for people who have been able to find a nice community in it, but nowadays, it just isn't a community for me.

This kinda means, in terms of art communities, Weasyl is my main...! Aside from tumblr, I suppose, which will be getting the majority of my drawings. But what I would consider the good stuff, you guys get ;D Hoooo-RAYY.

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    You didn't leave DA because of the quality constructive criticism by chance, right? X)

    oh and I positively love your lineart. I'm filled with firey jealousy :D

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      Nahhh. I never personally asked for it, anyway. Not because I never wanted it, I just knew no one would really deliver :P

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        sounds like foresight to me, my man.

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    Thank you for following me! ~