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i'm in the midst of a three year artblock. sorry that most drawings i post won't be very high quality :'(



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on 12 July 2014 at 17:58:21 MDT

I know this is going to make browsing stuff on my phone SO MUCH MORE BORING, but I finally went ahead and deleted my tumblr. Maybe I'll remake one, one that will just be for myself and looking at draws. Maybe I can rally up friends and it can be a little private party. We'll see. That's in the future.

But for now, this and FA (mebbe twitter for sketchies) are my main art places :') I'll justify the reason anyone followed me, starting now haha.

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One character, full body
from $ 25.00
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    thanks for following~~

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    You didn't leave DA because of the quality constructive criticism by chance, right? X)

    oh and I positively love your lineart. I'm filled with firey jealousy :D

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      Nahhh. I never personally asked for it, anyway. Not because I never wanted it, I just knew no one would really deliver :P

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        sounds like foresight to me, my man.

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    Thank you for following me! ~