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i'm in the midst of a three year artblock. sorry that most drawings i post won't be very high quality :'(



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Weasyl is ALMOST mobile friendly...

Note I have a Sanyo Incognito, so my phone is SORT OF ANCIENT... But I could totally check Weasyl during the past few weeks where I wasn't fortunate enough to be an active member of the community. Unfortunately, what I couldn't see were actual images! So I had to dig through only about one hundred submissions from the people I follow :')

I wanted to avoid favbombing people so I only did a couple... I'm so envious of those that seemingly submitted a new piece of art every day. Things have been incredibly stressful, I've barely drawn a thing. Even if I did, though I'm fortunate enough to be online now, I don't have a way to upload artwork (whether it exists or not).

I'm sure this site is much more friendly on smart phones, though :'D

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One character, full body
from $ 25.00
to $ 25.00


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    You didn't leave DA because of the quality constructive criticism by chance, right? X)

    oh and I positively love your lineart. I'm filled with firey jealousy :D

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      Nahhh. I never personally asked for it, anyway. Not because I never wanted it, I just knew no one would really deliver :P

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        sounds like foresight to me, my man.

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    Thank you for following me! ~