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Summer break is almost here!

on 9 May 2014 at 10:04:59 MDT

Next week is final weeks. Ever since I left LoL, I could finally go back to drawing all days while GE is up and running with its auto-grind + pet feature. Can't wait for the summer break so I can just do nothing but draw (and maybe play some ESO).

And since you're already reading this, might as well ask a random question. Out of all the OCs I have been drawing rather often so far, which is your fav and if you can tell me, why? Here's the list.

Enfys - The purple gecko.
Volfram - The wolf anthro with the blue highlight.
Agil - The other wolf anthro with red highlight and costume instead.
Sarnu - The red bird.
Katzix - The blue cat anthro.
Semerel - The green serpent anthro.
Liel - The El- "Alf" girl
Gwenette - The taller girl.

It would be great to hear the reason to why you like them and what make them stand out so I can try and emphasize on those if I can when I draw them. This won't really affect the pieces that will be drawn soon because I already had a bunch of stuffs for Katzix and Enfys planned out. (my fav list is Kat > En > Sa > Vo > Ag > Se > Li > Gw)

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    You deserve a follow. I enjoy your character designs and your enthralling artistic style that I feel exploits cold, yet soothing colours to their full potential.

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    So much purple ... I love it!

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    thanks for the follow!

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    Thanks for the follow Zeitzbach! :)

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    Hey there! Glad you're over here too. :D I really enjoy your art.