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Oh life, how much more can I take?

on 23 March 2015 at 06:57:48 MDT

So as of March the 20th, I've been to the hospital THREE times already in ONE year, twice for my diabetic brother, and once for my mom. Things were bad enough as they were, but now we have increasingly high monthly medical bill... Last Holiday season I didn't even get the chance to get new clothes: Usually, thanks to the Christmas bonus, I get 2 new full changes of clothes (2 pairs of shoes and pants, 2 shirts). I had to use the money on a new PSU (because a bad PSU is capable of killing your entire system) even though I REALLY need new shoes. My current right shoe has a hole in it, and when I go out at the same time as my brother (meaning I can't wear his) I have to wrap my foot in two bags, I found out the hard way (super market puddles) that one bag isn't strong enough and it will break.

All of this because I live in commie venezuela, and that means the national currency faces devaluation on a weekly basis. So 1 BSF, in mere months it's worth as little as 0.5 or 0.7 BSF. The relative value to 1 Dollar just becomes increasingly high. Last year 1$ was around 150 BSF, as I'm writting this it's at 1$ =276 BSF (for the true dollar value https://twitter.com/dolartoday ).


Skip the 80's part, things weren't bad then, they were "bad". Right now, they are BAAAD!, like holy cow it's an insult just to compare. We have no democracy, no basic every day items (soap, toilet paper, detergent, MANY MEDICINES, milk, diapers, etc, etc, etc)

One of the few websites to explain it in English.

So anyways, my head is all over the place, thank you Monoorange for the support, both economically and morally, I hope he doesn't read this journal, I've vented so much on him already... I'm sure he has his own problems, last thing I want is to become a burden on him. Gorix is also always quick to fav any of my submissions, I appreciate that too of course, it would suck to be ignored, and I know how that feels, I'm not new to Internet art galleries.

To sum it all up, If anybody can spare a commission, that would be fantastic, really helpful. Every single dollar here counts for a lot.

For the moment expect older drawings on my gallery, I found a bunch that were 8-10 years old, with some modifications, good enough to upload.

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Digital Outlines (Inking) and Flat Colors

Full figure
$ 9.00

Figure Drawing

Full figure
$ 6.00

Fully colored shaded character

Full figure
$ 13.00


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    U got some great pics on what a woman of thickness and poise should be for any man, Muscle_Power. Hope to see even more on your best works. Keep at it and stay burning'. -CR-

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    I can't wait to see all your wonderful artworks too buddy you are awesome only I feel bad if I can't support you