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Oh hey, I almost forgot about this place. God I haven't uploaded in forever~! Well FurAffinity is in the grasp of some maaaaaaaajor drama, and I figured I'd dust this ol' account off just in case. I'm not buying into the panic, mind you, nor am I abandoning FA. I just like keeping my options open.…

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Free plushies \owo/

This person is holding a raffle for a free custom plushie. Go look~! https://www.weasyl.com/journal/34019/free-custom-plushie-raffle-weasyl-exclusive

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Upload spam over~

So yea. Welcome new watchers, hello again old watchers. I'm not gonna be using my FA anymore so. Yea. Park it here if you wanna see what I post~!

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Coming back!

With all the bullshit going on over on FA, I've decided to start posting here again.

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Yay Weasyl~!

So far I already love it. For those who don't know me or my work, I'd like to say firstly, thanks for checking me out on here >w< And secondly, I'd like to point out that my gallery here only has my newer art. I have too much stuff to uplaod here if I'm starting from square one XD All my older stuf…